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Good Gaming – The Division Free Weekend

GGPC The Division Free Weekend

Tom Clancy’s The Division is having a FREE WEEKEND so we can all jump in and check out what’s good in this 3rd person loot grabbing shooter. you can download the client now directly from Steam by clicking the “play free” button 🙂

You’ll have access to the full base game (not the DLC, but that’s end game content anyway) which is great if you like to play solo, but the game really shines when you’re playing with friends so if possible group up and do the missions as a team – flanking is pretty effective and you’ll have a great time sitting back and dealing some savage damage with the biggest gun possible while the rest of your mates dive-roll endlessly 😛

These main missions contain what is certainly the most graphically impressive moments as well, and also tell the story of how everything became so messed up :/

You can of course jump into the Dark Zone PVP area as well and this is where you’ll find the most powerful loot, but getting it won’t be easy… be sure to spend some time in PvE honing your skills (diveroll diveroll diveroll) before getting involved in this side of the game, undoubtedly there will be ambushes awaiting all the new weekend recruits…

You’ll be able to carry over to any progress you made during the free weekend to the full version should you decide to grab it, and to tempt you further those fine folks a Ubisoft will have the game half price during the event!

As usual we couldn’t resist jumping on and capturing some gameplay with our own Custom Gaming PC 🙂 GAME ON!

Good Gaming – GO GIGANTIC Open BETA about to begin!


This one has been in the works for a long long time now and it’s almost ready to release!

Gigantic is a free to play third person battle arena game with a great art style in which we can battle against Xbox One players from our PC, part of the new ‘Play Anywhere’ range this will require us to do our PC installs via the Windows 10 store.

With a starting roster of 16 Heroes (might be more, rotation roster) each featuring a nice skill tree allowing for different play styles this open beta features three maps, Siren’s Stand, Ghost Reef and Sanctum Falls. Teams can work together to attack the enemy while claiming points on the map to summon powerful Creatures to aid in battle. Players can power up their team’s Guardian by controlling the battlefield and defeating enemies. Victory will be rewarded to the team who can overpower their opponents’ Guardian.

We’ll be testing this one out on a range of Gaming PC builds as soon as it becomes available – GAME ON!

Good Gaming – Titanfall 2 Free Weekend Incoming!

GGPC Titanfall 2 Free Weekend

This weekend Titanfall 2 will be up as a free trial so everyone can check out the game’s full multiplayer modes 😛

This begins first for those with Origin Access and then becomes available for all starting December 3rd (early Saturday morning for us in New Zealand).

This free event provides the full multiplayer offering including all maps, modes, weapons and more including the brand new Angel City’s Most Wanted DLC which is also set to drop on December 4th \o/ All your in-game progress will carry over to the full game if you choose to purchase after the free weekend so you can keep going with all the perks and loadouts you’ve earned 🙂

We’ve already played this one quite a bit here on a range of Gaming PC and if you’re thinking of upgrading to the full game you’ll be happy to know it’s also got a solid story campaign and with their recent “no season pass” statement this one’s going to be a favourite online shooter for a long time indeed!


Good Gaming – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator OPEN ALPHA

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator or TABS for short is a physics based war simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other. Right now it’s in open alpha testing stage which means we can all give this one a go for FREE!

The alpha offers 20 levels which increase in difficulty as they progress and also a free mode which you can use to wage wars with no limits… there are some very funny options available in the unit selection I won’t spoil in this blog, once you’ve completed the campaign mode though jump into free play and check out everything in ‘misc’ – it’s pretty darn funny!

To try this one out for yourself simply sign up via the Landfall games website – once you enter your email you will receive a super secret download link 🙂

We’ve had a bunch of fun battling our way through all the levels on offer and we’ll definitely keep following this one right the way through its development as the battles are bound to get bigger and better as time goes on – keep your eyes on the GGPC Computers Blog for the latest!

Good Gaming – Battlerite FREE WEEKEND incoming!

GGPC Battlerite Gameplay FPS Test Begin

UPDATE: Battlerite is available as early access on Steam right now but this weekend it opens up and we can all play free!

An action-packed Team Arena Brawler focused on competitive combat. Fight side by side with teammates to the sound of the roaring crowd in vibrant, colosseum surroundings.

The game itself is a little bit like League of Legends and Smite but without the lanes and creeps so the focus is purely on fast paced PvP matches with a range of champions that have different strengths and abilities. There are 15 champions available currently and these provide players jumping in with a decent split of melee, ranged and support to play with. Once in matches it’s all about timing and precision where predictability leads to punishment. Each battle is a race to win three rounds, the rounds are generally pretty fast paced, usually over in around 1 minute – to ensure an entertaining fight a force field will start to move inwards pushing the players in together for a final clash in the center of the arena.

We’ve taken one of our new Custom Gaming PC in for a quick 3v3 match with the starting character Jade to see what the performance is like and as you’ll see from the YouTube gameplay framerate test below – things are looking very good indeed 🙂

Next we moved tests onto the new GTX 1060 Gaming Laptop to see how good things would be with this latest generation of mobile hardware. Battlerite matches were starting to get tougher as we increased in rank and now a more tactical approach was needed to win each round, playing as Varesh our roll was to debuff enemies while shielding allies against incoming damage and the GTX1060 + i7-6700HQ config was able to keep above 60FPS even during these most intense moments.

Finishing up the first round of testing we installed on our GGPC GTX 1080 Dark Knight jumped in Sirius, a melee healer with some excellent teleports that can heal teammates and deal damage to opponents, the matches now were getting pretty darn difficult with players teamwork becoming necessary to split opponents up. Performance was excellent at 4K with max settings and the added clarity certainly makes watching opponents ragdoll on death a lot clearer 🙂

So far we’ve had a blast in Battlerite and can’t wait to see where the developers take this one, if you’re looking to a battle that’s quicker than ARAM this could be the perfect ticket 😛


Good Gaming – Life is Strange Episode 1 FREE on Steam

GGPC Life is Strange FREE Download

Life is Strange is an award-winning and critically acclaimed episodic adventure game and right now – Episode 1 is FREE! 

You can download Life is Strange here via Steam – Try not to read any reviews though! The story for this one is genuinely excellent and a lot of reviewers seem to gush about this part or that, this is one of those from dusk till dawn moments when it’s best you go in not knowing what’s going to happen 😛 What we can tell you is that this one is a wonderfully written modern adventure game with a beautiful art style and soundtrack. Another great thing for those about to get into the series for the first time is you won’t have to wait for the next episode in the series to release.

With overwhelmingly positive feedback (both recent and from launch) this is definitely one worthy of some time check out, and that new price is ohhh so good 🙂

Happy gaming everyone!


Good Gaming – Elder Scrolls Online Free to Play This Weekend


The Elder Scroll Online FREE TO PLAY has begun and this weekend is a great time to jump in and go on an adventure!

If you’re wanting to team up with friends this weekend it’s important to go the same faction, even though all players will start off in Coldharbor – (a Daedric realm, looks awesome) upon escaping this place your characters will find themselves in a faction-specific starting areas so unless you want to meet up later on make sure everyone is fighting under the same banner!  The three factions, Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion each have three races to create character from so everyone can still look quite unique.

Although similar to Skyrim is many ways the gameplay mechanics are quite different, if you choose ranged combat weapons manual aiming is replaced with a more standard lock on (melee still feels good though) and the environments won’t let you loot everything right down to the candlesticks but it’s certainly got a great big story to follow which will take you to some graphically beautiful locations along the way 🙂

Downloading the client can be a little elusive but start with account creation here and you’ll find the client download in your account menu once you’ve signed up.

Good Gaming – Overwatch Free to Play Weekend

GGPC Overwatch play free

It’s going to be a busy weekend 😛 Overwatch is up as a Free to Play from the 19th (should be live around 4am) until the 22nd of November and you can download the game client now (12GB) from your client.

For this free weekend, Overwatch’s full roster of 23 heroes and 13 maps available for play in a variety of modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the latest Weekly Brawl. Players will also have the ability to level up, earn Loot Boxes, and unlock a variety of different customisation options (if you decide to purchase a copy of Overwatch after test driving the game, you’ll get to keep any progress that you made during the weekend – just be sure to use the same account)

It’s easy to think everyone’s played this one before due to its popularity but if it’s your first time in here are the basics – It’s a 5v5 first person shooter and you’ll fire your primary weapon shoots with a left click, each character has different weapon but some also have a secondary fire mode assigned to the right click like Pharah which will detonate a rocket mid flight or Roadhog that will fire a longer ranged, narrower shotgun blast. Every hero can also perform a quick melee attack with the ‘V’ key and this is ideal for finishing a low health enemy off while they reload 🙂 Ultimates are the game-changers, powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle when you press ‘Q’,  you’ll automatically charge them over time, but you can gain charge faster when you deal damage. As long as you don’t switch heroes, your ultimate’s charge level will stick around even if you die. The best tip I can think of for newbies is try not to go into fights alone, when you stick with your teammates you’ll ensure that your support heroes can easily protect allies, and coordinate with your attacks on opponents.

It’s certainly going to be a target rich environment new players from around the world jumping in – GAME ON!

Good Gaming – EVE Online adds Free to Play Experience!

UPDATE: The 2016 Ascension expansion for EVE Online has launched and it brings a whole host of new features and some of the biggest changes ever to New Eden. A new Alpha clone state allows you to play for free for as long as you want.

We’ve begun searching for a good fight and will update our Free to Play PC Gaming Blog with this new entry, it’s such a unique game and EVE has made the news over and over again with tales of fantastic battles (like the video below) and brilliant deceptions by the players within – this new chapter is undoubtedly going to inspire some very very interesting stuff 🙂

Leveling up an EVE Online character has always been a little different from most MMORPG, every player in the game controls a clone which they train in new skills over time (even when you’re not logged in) as opposed to the far more common “kill this and fetch that for XP”. As your clone learns more and more you will be able to fly more ships and kit these out with new modules and equipment. When you die you respawn into another clone but depending on when you last did a clone imprint that new clone may or may not have the skills you previously acquired and it’s this investment in time that makes up one of many factors that gives each life in EVE a real feeling of value – there are of course the in game monetary losses involved with death in EVE, losing your favourite ship certainly hurts!

You can download the EVE Online client here for free now and we recommend downloading the EVE Online Portal Android App as well 🙂


UPDATE: Paragon open BETA !

Update: A new open beta for Paragon has begun, the first phase has begun and will run until May 1. The second phase begins on May 5 and will be playable until May 8. The servers will be online from 9 AM PT/5 PM UK time for both events.  Please note, Epic Games have said “The first stress test will include invites for the first 500,000 people who signed up for the beta only, the second stress test will include invites for anyone who signs up before May 1.”

You can sign up for the beta, or buy a Founder’s Pack for early access at  Founder’s Packs include Master Challenges, which let you level your heroes to achieve mastery and claim unique rewards, completing a Master Challenge unlocks a taunt and the exclusive Master Skin that showcases your dedication and skill.

Paragon is designed so that every player can compete and win without ever having to spend money.  New heroes every three weeks, community events, and daily and weekly rewards give you the opportunity to hone your skills and try out new play styles.  This is a game where skill matters – where you aim, when you attack, and how you move – putting you in direct control of the action in a fully 3D world.

Cards give your heroes unique powers and capabilities on the battlefield.  You build up your collection by playing, and can create decks that will hopefully lead your team to victory – because cards affect power in game, they can only be earned by playing the game.

We’ve been happily testing Paragon out with a mix of gaming hardware and as you can see in our GTX960m Gaming Laptop test below, the game is looking great!