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GGPC Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S angleGGPC Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S on desk

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S Mechanical Keyboard – Cherry MX Brown

$ 229.99

The MasterKeys Pro radiates almost any colour you want. Change and customise the colour with or without software.

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Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S RGB



– Wired Detachable Micro-USB Connection

– Cherry MX Switches

– RGB LED Backlight (16.7 Million Colours)

– On-the-Fly Macro Key/Lighting Recording

– Polling Rate: 1000 Hz

– Repeat Rate: 1× / 2× / 4× / 8x

– Response Rate: 1 ms

– 72 MHz ARM Cortex M3 32-Bit CPU

– 512kB On-Board Memory

Redesigned & Redefined
The interior of this keyboard has been redesigned with RGB backlighting by modifying the printed circuit board (PCB) with small cutouts to let the LEDs sit snugly against the switches, allowing genuine Cherry MX switches to be used

The MasterKeys Pro radiates almost any colour you want. Change and customise the colour with or without software. LEDs include multiple modes of operation, including Colour Wave, Breathing, and unique responsive effects

GGPC CM Masterkey Gaming Keyboard RGB

Processing Power
The MasterKeys Pro is outfitted with a powerful ARM Cortex M3 processor. Clocking in at 72 MHz, the processor is up to 25% faster than keyboards that use the Cortex M0 processor, which greatly unlocks the potential for the MasterKeys Pro On-the-Fly System. Save and execute commands and macros with less loading and waiting

GGPC CM Masterkey Gaming Keyboard Processor

On-the-Fly System
The MasterKeys Pro utilizes the processing power of the ARM Cortex M3 for its advanced On-the-Fly system. LED lighting modes, repeat rate adjustment, multimedia keys, and macro recording, combined with four profile keys, enable you to control almost all aspects of the keyboard at your fingertips. There is no need to Alt+Tab and open up the software

GGPC CM Masterkey Gaming Keyboard Macro Profiles

Macro and Profile Support
Four profile keys offer quick backlighting and macro recording. Program multiple keystrokes to a single key or change per-key backlighting with intuitive keyboard commands. Users can also program keys with different colours to help learn the in-game keybinds faster

Status Indicator System
Navigate the On-the-Fly system and know what settings you have selected by just glancing at the keyboard. When holding down the FN key, users can see what profile and repeat rate they’re currently on, as well as whether or not the Windows key lock is activated. They are also able to see the brightness levels of colours selected for the red, green, and blue keys

Straightforward software lets you fine-tune RGB colour and speed settings for modes like Colour Wave, Star Effect, and Rain Drop. Users are also able to hold left click to brush on colours for per-key backlighting, making LED customization a breeze. Backup and save your gaming profiles to share with fans and the community

Anti-Ghosting Technology
Anti-ghosting technology features two technologies rolled into one, making the keyboard’s fun­ctions and macros compatible even on iOS systems. The N-key and 6-key rollover have been combined together, helping to ensure each keypress is correctly detected regardless of how many keys are pressed. If six or more keys are pressed, it automatically switches over to N-key rollover


  • Switch Type : Cherry MX Brown
  • Layout : 87/88 keys tenkeyless
  • Material : Plastic / Metal
  • Colour : Black
  • LED Colour : RGB
  • Polling Rate : 1000 Hz
  • Repeat Rate : 1× / 2× / 4× / 8×
  • Response Rate : 1 ms
  • MCU ARM Cortex : M3 32-bit CPU with 72 MHz
  • On Board Memory : 512 kB
  • On-the-Fly System : Macro record and lighting
  • Smart Cable Manager : With 3 ways
  • Wrist Rest : N/A
  • AP Support : GUI supports
  • Cable : 4.9′ / 1.5 m detachable micro-USB 2.0
  • Dimensions : 14.1×5.1×1.5″ / 359.0×130.8×39.0 mm
  • Weight : 32.8 oz / 930 g (without cable)

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