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Gigabyte GTX 1080Ti FE Graphics Card

$ 1,399.99

Graphics Memory: 11GB
8 Pin + 6 Pin power required (250w)
3x Display Port

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The GeForce GTX 1080Ti (or GTX 1080 Titanium as it’s sometimes known) is NVIDIA’s new flagship gaming GPU, based on the NVIDIA Pascal architecture. The latest addition to the ultimate gaming platform, this card is packed with extreme gaming horsepower, next-gen 11 Gbps GDDR5X memory, and a massive 11 GB frame buffer.

Designed and built by NVIDIA. Crafted with premium materials and components, including a die-cast aluminium body and 7-phase dualFET power supply. And cooled by a radial fan with an advanced vapour chamber designed for consistent performance in even the most thermally challenging environments.


Memory: 11GB GDDR5X
Memory Speed: 11 Gbps
Boost Clock: 1582 MHz
Outputs: 3x DisplayPort, (max res 7680×4320) 1x HDMI (max res 4096×2160)
Inputs: 8 Pin + 6 Pin power required (250w)
Multi Monitor: Supports up to 4 displays simultaneously
Accessories: Includes 1x DisplayPort to DVI adaptor

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