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SteelSeries Rival 500 Gaming Mouse

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$ 149.99

The Rival 700 gaming mouse features the first fully customisable OLED display and tactile alerts giving real-time information and in-game notifications.

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The buttons on the Rival 500 to resemble the natural motion of your thumb. All the buttons you use are easily clickable by simply rotating your thumb around in a circular motion. With a simple flick of the thumb, the two lower buttons are pressed.

The Tactile Alerts have been carefully placed in the center of your mouse, so you feel the pulse strongly in your palm. By directing the pulse to only move up through your hand, instead of left and right, Tactile Alerts will never impact your mouse’s tracking so you can keep your pixel-perfect aim.

You choose which in-game events automatically trigger a Tactile Alert, and you have complete control over how each one feels. Health, ammo, mana, disables, headshots, and stuns can all be individually set to trigger a Tactile Alert. For example, the moment you get stunned you can set an alert to start, and stop the instant the stun ends.

– Number of buttons: 15
– Connection Type: USB (2 meter cable)
– CPI: 100-16000
– Software Link: SteelSeries Engine3 Software

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  1. 5 out of 5


    very very nice mouse. i regularly use this. when i m bathroom when i am eating when i am sleeping. in dream i am regularly use this mouse.

    • :

      Well, that’s certainly using the mouse to its full potential 😛

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