SteelSeries Siberia 840 Wireless Gaming Headset

$ 549.99

A wireless high-quality headset that’s perfect for gaming with a retractable microphone, now updated with Bluetooth.

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If you take a look around the world wide web it’s tough to find a top 5 list of wireless headsets that doesn’t include the Siberia 800 on it so when SteelSeries updated to the new Siberia 840 not many tweaks were made, this update is primarily around the brilliant addition of Bluetooth \o/ That’s right, this awesome set of ear cannons now has a Bluetooth option meaning we can start using them with more devices like our smartphones and it’s also great news for laptop users as there never is enough USB ports for all our toys 😛

From SteelSeries “The Siberia 840 not only delivers the same detailed sound quality as its predecessor, but also incorporates Bluetooth connectivity for true universal mobile compatibility, it is no longer just a gaming headset, but a flawless audio system that gamers can use to listen to music and even answer calls.”


– Connection Type: USB (Connects to Transmitter) + Bluetooth
– Audio output: 7.1 Virtual or Stereo
– Headphone Frequency Response: 20-20000 Hz

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