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Welcome to Good Gaming PC NZ!

We are a group of gamers in New Zealand who provide reviews, advice and information about PC Hardware and Gaming Gear. We know that people have different budgets and games they are wanting to play which is why we design various configurations and showcase the in-game performance for each via our Good Gaming PC YouTube Channel.  In the descriptions for each we provide links to the specific components used to make tweaking or building for yourself easy.

For those with specific needs for shows or events we offer a full custom build service and pride ourselves in the creation of truly unique systems built around a theme. You are able to customize your PC at any time during the build process. You can check out various chassis options in our Gaming PC Build Gallery and PCPartPicker, when you are ready to start a show custom build simply send us a message here.

Made for Mobile – A Smartphone friendly website

www.ggpc.co.nz is best experienced from your smart device, our category tree is simple and we use infinity scroll + tags to make browsing gaming hardware and watching gameplay a breeze, we keep our gameplay test videos short and without ads or introductions so you can get the information you need quickly.

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Our Computers Blog is relevant to PC Gamers in New Zealand and will keep you up to date on the latest offers and promotions for our region, you can also talk with us via our GGPC Instagram and GGPC YouTube channels. The GGPC Facebook page also integrates our Instagram and YouTube to make things easy if this is your preferred contact point.

Where is the BUY button?

We ship New Zealand wide via our retail partners, please use the ‘Buy from PB Tech’ button for purchasing any product listed.