Good eSports NZ – The Road to Victory in Overwatch!

Nerf This Champions of Ping Zero

New Zealand just had it’s first Overwatch tournament at Ping Zero and it was GOOD!

There were 9 teams entered in the eSports competition, including two of our very own Good Gaming PC teams all chasing the glory of taking out this first tournament…  It was a tough fight but one teams consistent teamwork, strategy and gaming skill led them through all the brutal firefights and onto the winning podium – that team was NERF THIS led by team captain AVRL and wow, these guys certainly know how to play some Overwatch!

The teams composition subtly adapted as the levels and game modes changed but for the most part the core combination remained the same, the captain AVRL was a supporting class character named Zenyatta and stayed largely out of the direct conflict calling team targets while he buffed his teammates and hexed their opponents. Pharah (played skillfully by ELECTRIC) was a very versatile and mobile offensive hero for the team, often seen with Mercy (expertly played by TAK4N) being towed behind and increasing Pharahs damage by 30% while staying in a good position to reach anyone else in the team that could use some urgent healing.  Players WARFEAR, ELIAAS and GYMAR showed off their versatility by switching between a combination of Roadhog, Reinhart, Soldier 76, D.VA and Widowmaker depending on what the team needed to accomplish. Most importantly, even when things went badly they remained focused as a team and had a lot of fun in the matches.

Round after round passed and although some victories were narrow, Nerf This were only stopped in one round throughout the entire tournament during an earlier matchup vs LessThan3.

Below is some sweet game capture from the final matches in the tournament between teams NERF THIS & LESSTHAN3 and it’s got all the important team communication left in so you can check out what it takes to be a winning eSports team!

Pretty excellent stuff right!

Just before the finals our second team was put against NERF THIS in a match up – having already seen what they could do we decided to target and kill their team captain AVRL relentlessly, after all if you’re going to lose best to try and look good while doing it! Below is our favourite kill of the LAN 🙂

The next tournament is coming up soon and GGPC is ready to roll, if you’re a gamer and have been thinking of getting into eSports now is the time\o/


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