Good eSports – Te Puke High School Tournament

More often than not, when we think about eSports we think about the players, and it’s fair enough too with the high level of skill, teamwork and excellent team communication often needed – but another school in New Zealand is embracing the opportunities that come from competitive gaming, and it’s all looking very good indeed.

Those fine folks at Te Puke High School have just hosted their own eSports tournament, but the best bit is they’ve included it as part of the curriculum for business students! This is understandably awesome, by having the Year 10 Business Studies students actually organise the event from start to finish they’ll be gaining the valuable experience that comes along with it, allowing them to host better events in the future, or to support those who want to ÔĀä

This included all the tricky bits, such as drafting the teams, setting match schedules, securing sponsors for prizes, marketing the event, health & safety – and all the fun parts, the decorations, lights, sound and music & technical setup requirements even included hosts!

Via Armand de Villiers; Te Puke ICT manager “I think it has also shown staff at our school who may have had a level of scepticism about the event, that there is a real positive side to this. You hear feedback after the event about kids that are normally shy and withdrawn in class, unable to stop talking about their part of the event.”

Now onto the games! Keen students formed into teams of 5, with fellow students at Te Puke Intermediate school also invited to compete in Unreal Tournament 4, which is free to download and play via Epic Games.

A real focus on teamwork is needed to win in a game like this, the goal is to take your opponents’ flag from their base, and then deliver it back to your flag base in order to win – but if your flag has been taken by the enemy team, you’ll be unable to return the flag to your base until your own flag is also returned to position.

The weapon of choice in Unreal Tournament Capture the Flag is a special too, a teleportation gun named the Translocator. You can use this to position yourself in hard to reach places, or quickly move to a nearby location, but if you attempt to translocate while holding the flag it will be left at your last known location.

A team wins by having the most flag captures at the end of each match, and if they are equal when the time runs out – it goes into a golden goal mode, so the next team to score a point wins!

Unreal Tournament was a top choice for gaming event like this, action-packed in a similar way to football with real depths in terms of teamwork needed to win against an equally matched team – nicely done Te Puke High School!

We’re pretty lucky here at GGPC to have attended some of biggest global eSports events from Intel Extreme Masters and SteelSeries – and seeing what the students at Te Puke High School have achieved gives us high hopes for seeing more world-class events in New Zealand’s Future.

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