Good Games – I can play now and play with VR soon

It won’t be long till we strap in and game on so today we’re hunting for a PC game that we can play today but is also – VR Headset savvy!

A quick scour of the interwebs has led us to the game World of Diving (early access)

A visually impressive and rather relaxing underwater adventure.  World of Diving is bursting with missions and scenarios that will give you single or multiplayer experience.  Track and document the peaceful marine wildlife with your trusty camera (YES!  love this, trick shots are the best fun, great twist) deal with malfunctioning and limited gear, survive real world disaster scenarios, hunt for legendary treasure, salvage shipwrecks, or fathom the underwater paradise at your own leisure.

Is is good? Yes, and this GG is ready for that VR Headset you’ve got on the way so grabbing it now means you can also play it later – and I do love an early access adventure 🙂