Good Gaming – AIRHEART Tales of Broken Wings – Challenge Demo!

GGPC AIRHEART Play to win challenge

AIRHEART is a new game just about to hit early access on Steam, an action game about a young woman who flies her airplane and catches skyfish among beautiful sky islands 🙂

The game continues on the story from “Cloud Chasers” in which Amelia was trying to reach the Above, a city residing on a giant flying island in the clouds where there is enough water for everybody. She travelled through the deserts with her father Francesco, dealing with all the dangers of the migration on their path. But that city called Granaria seems not as welcoming as she hoped it will be, instead she found a harsh society with a strong class system. After working as a child labourer in an airplane factory for years she works now as a part-time fisherman and part-time mechanic at a small corner-shop fixing airplanes 🙂

Blindflug Studios have setup a pretty fun little challenge with the chance to get your hands on (figuratively, it’s a download) the full game 🙂 And all you have to do is beat the boss in the free demo that’s available now, and then share your accomplishment via either a YouTube Channel or Stream (even if you don’t have one right now this is a great excuse to start one).

Once you’ve completed the challenge submit your gameplay here, it’s early access so now is the time to submit any suggestions for what you’d like to see in the game as well 🙂

We’ll be giving this one a go ourselves tonight!

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