Good Gaming – Battlefield 1 OPEN BETA begins!

Battlefield 1 Beta

UPDATE: You can now download the Battlefield 1 BETA here

It’s time to go boots on the ground at the dawn of all-out war! The Battlefield 1 Open Beta has begun and we’ve started testing out graphics cards for our GGPC YouTube performance test channel with the two game modes on offer – Conquest & Rush \o/

This Battlefield 1 beta takes us into battle on the Sinai Desert map, which features horseback combat, dogfighting in planes and an epic looking armoured train of death! The map supports 64 players so the action should be thick and fast.

Kicking our frame rate tests off we jumped into a game with the new and very affordable Gigabyte RX 460 Graphics Card, we got solid performance from the little GPU and wow does this game look GOOD!

Next we check out the GTX 1060 Gaming Laptop performance and things are looking very good indeed on this new generation of mobile gaming systems, keeping our heads well above 60FPS in the Sanai Desert Conquest.

For those looking to turn up those graphics settings we’ve got the massive Gigabyte GTX 1080 Graphics Card which dominated Battlefield 1 at 1080p but also performed amazingly at 4K!

We’ll continue checking out more graphics card performance with the Battlefield 1 BETA so keep an eye out for more videos soon – there’s certainly a lot going on in the map!

When one side needs a boost, an Armored Train Behemoth will be spawned in order to up the challenge for the stronger team. The train offers a range of weapons and can make a huge difference if used effectively. This means the opposing team will need to adjust to the new presence. Bomber planes are pretty effective if their pilots’ aim stays true, though the train is also susceptible to a surprise attack by an organized group on horseback armed with anti-vehicle grenades. But as you might expect, the Armored Train won’t go down without a fight.

The map also offers different weather than many of the others, including the occasional sandstorm that wreaks havoc on visibility and the gameplay dynamics. Strong winds blowing up sand is bad news for snipers and planes alike, though skilled pilots may be able to take advantage of the chaos. Things like these sandstorms and the variety of locations makes sure you can have just as fun with any of the infantry classes as you can with vehicles, and create a great variation of intensity throughout the map.

And while there’s a ton to do on the ground, there’s just as much going on in the skies. One of the flags can be even taken by plane if you have the skills to safely fly inside the capture zone – you’ll want to make sure to disable the Anti-Aircraft on the ground first, though, as someone could be lurking around on the ground just waiting for you to fly in. If you’re more interested in dogfights, there’s plenty of interesting opportunities for that as well and some of the people at DICE claim to have gotten pretty good at ditching would-be attackers by flying through the canyon without crashing – challenge accepted!



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