Good Gaming – Battlefield 1 Trailer + FREE DLC Packs + more great full game trials with Origin!

The Battlefield 1 trailer is here and things are looking awesome!  Exciting times for fans of this epic series, check out the trailer below for the awesome new game that’s coming our way!

What should we do while we wait?  For starters Dice and EA are celebrating by giving away free access to DLC for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline so you can pick up the Battlefield 4 add-on ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ and the Battlefield Hardline expansion ‘Robbery’ until the 10th and there is also some sweet trial offers going on right now at Origin!

An Origin trial will let you play the full version of a game, depending on which you’ll be able to play for different amounts of time and this doesn’t have to be in one session – if you have a 12 hour trail you can split this over multiple gaming sessions and that’s pretty cool. Don’t worry about the time it takes to download either, origin will start the clock from when you first log in to play and if you like the game so much you end up buying it you’ll keep all the progress you’ve made along the way 🙂

You can check out the full list of Origin trial games here and below we’ll highlight a couple of our favourites!

First up – Battlefield 4 for 168 hours!   This 1st person shooter (or 3rd if you’re in vehicle) has the famous battlefield environment which changes as war wages, sometimes in a rather breathtaking fashion.  In the shanghai map you can bring down an entire skyscraper which is a pretty amazing experience, especially if you’re under it when it happens….  This game is action packed and if you’re lucky enough to be packing a card like the GTX 970 below you can reach 100FPS on ULTRA!  You won’t need the highest end hardware to enjoy the game though, this one is extremely optimised and runs well on all our AMD R7 +R9 series and Nvidia 900 series Gaming PC.

Star Wars Battlefront for 4 hours!   If you’re a fan of Star Wars you’ll have just enough time to do a full map cycle which is likely going to leave you eager for more – this is one of the best looking games out and although it’s not quite the dynamic ever changing warzone we enjoy in Battlefield above it’s pretty incredible!  Yet again this one will run great on all sorts of gaming hardware as you see with our GTX 950 Hero Gaming PC FPS test below!

There a bunch of other free game trails to check out, one is even the SIMS!  You can also sign up for Origin Access which will give you game trails for even more like the upcoming Mirrors Edge 2 – exciting times ahead indeed 🙂




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