Good Gaming – EVE Online adds Free to Play Experience!

UPDATE: The 2016 Ascension expansion for EVE Online has launched and it brings a whole host of new features and some of the biggest changes ever to New Eden. A new Alpha clone state allows you to play for free for as long as you want.

We’ve begun searching for a good fight and will update our Free to Play PC Gaming Blog with this new entry, it’s such a unique game and EVE has made the news over and over again with tales of fantastic battles (like the video below) and brilliant deceptions by the players within – this new chapter is undoubtedly going to inspire some very very interesting stuff 🙂

Leveling up an EVE Online character has always been a little different from most MMORPG, every player in the game controls a clone which they train in new skills over time (even when you’re not logged in) as opposed to the far more common “kill this and fetch that for XP”. As your clone learns more and more you will be able to fly more ships and kit these out with new modules and equipment. When you die you respawn into another clone but depending on when you last did a clone imprint that new clone may or may not have the skills you previously acquired and it’s this investment in time that makes up one of many factors that gives each life in EVE a real feeling of value – there are of course the in game monetary losses involved with death in EVE, losing your favourite ship certainly hurts!

You can download the EVE Online client here for free now and we recommend downloading the EVE Online Portal Android App as well 🙂


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