Good Gaming Gear – HTC VIVE VR Starter Kits


UPDATE: VIVE have just announced 72 hour dispatch timeframe from order confirmation.

You’ve probably already seen this one pop up on Steam, the HTC VIVE virtual reality system developed in partnership with Valve has indeed released!

Unlike the Oculas, VIVE was designed from the ground up for room-scale VR with a system that includes video, audio and precise motion tracking.   The 2160 x 1200 resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate enables lifelike motion for smooth gameplay and realistic movement.

Accurate interaction with objects with the VR game worlds is made possible via two very unique wireless controllers, each with HD haptic feedback, dual-stage triggers, and multi-function trackpads.   Not all games will require these and you can happily keep playing Elite Dangerous with your HOTAS joysticks 🙂  Room-scale motion tracking is enabled by two base stations that sync wirelessly avoiding the need for additional cords.  These can be mounted on camera tripods as well if you have a nice open space to play in.

It’s not a stand alone unit like the Sulon Q so you’re going to need a Gaming PC that’s packing VR Ready spec’s – you can check out if your current rig is ready with this Steam VR Performance Test.

VIVE have just updated everyone with some more details on the timeframe for shipping, redemption of included games and some queries made around payment – The basics are  Paypal gets deducted right away vs credit card being charged around the time of shipping and it’s a first in first served scenario with this hot piece of tech 🙂  Once ordered you’ll receive an email with the month it’s expected to ship noted in your confirmation. When your purchase has been completed and your order has been shipped, you will receive a separate shipment notification email, which includes a tracking number.  Your bundled content will arrive via an email containing a redemption code within 24 hours of your Vive shipping.

It’s pretty hard to show people what VR is like with a youtube video but those brilliant guys and gals have done great things by recording a group playing in a green screen room – check out the cool video they made for showing off this new tech below and if you’re ready to vive right in – you can purchase the VR Starter Kit via this link!