Good Gaming – Gwent close BETA sign-ups begin!


If you’ve played the Witcher 3 you’ve probably logged many hours playing the mini-game within know as Gwent, the great news is signups for the closed BETA for the stand-alone version of this rather excellent strategy card game have just begun!

Pick a side, build your deck, and battle friends from around the world with Gwent!  There are several factions you can choose to command from the powerful Nilfgaard Empire to the shadowy Scoia’tael each offering a different playstyle which you can adjust to your liking with the deckbuilder.

The BETA test for this one will work in waves, you can signup for the Gwent closed BETA here and if you are selected to participate you will receive an email when it’s time for your group to enter the battle.

Game on!

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