Good Gaming Headset – HyperX Cloud II Wireless!

Most PC gamers will know the Cloud II Gaming Headset, either by owning one themselves or knowing someone that does – they were an instant hit when they first release almost six years ago and since have lived in various best gaming headsets lists around the web, while enjoying more YouTube reviews than any other headset we’ve seen before or since… extremely well rated is an understatement.

The new Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset looks almost identical to the original wired Cloud II headset, HyperX have removed the cable and added 2.4GHz wireless for excellent range and quality over a fairly large area, good for a trip to the fridge and back while queuing for a dungeon.

Improvements include over a day’s worth of gaming from one charge and wireless freedom to step away from your screen, but not the entertainment.

The frame looks the same, it’s made of aluminum metal still with the molding foam headband and red stitching, just like the Cloud II. With the microphone attached the Cloud II wireless weighs in at 309 grams, 300 grams without, to be compared with the wired version at 350 grams with and 320 grams without. The Cloud II wireless are extremely comfortable.

The sound is powerful and clear, great for gaming, listening to music or watching movies, the detachable, noise-cancelling microphone combined with wireless will no doubt have using the Cloud II wireless more than the wired version. 

Inputs wise the Cloud II has a on/off button, USB Type-C port for re-charging (a short Type-A to Type-C cable is included), and a very smooth infinity scrolling volume roller plus quick mic mute button, enough to keep us happily keeping us out of the settings and in the game.

The USB dongle gives access to using the HyperX NGEUNITY software suite on PC to control a few simple settings, such as toggling the virtual 7.1 surround sound.

Is the HyperX wireless good? Yes! The Cloud II Wireless is easily as good as the wired Cloud II until it runs out of battery (roughly 30 hours later).