Good Gaming Motherboard – Gigabyte Z170X-DESIGNARE

GGPC Blog Z170X DesignaireGigabyte sure has packed a lot on the Z170X-Designare’s ATX design while not going over the top with the plastic and bling 🙂 You’ll still be able enjoy tweaking things like the RGB lighting but that’s not really what this one is all about, instead they have created an excellent motherboard for high end gamers that has all the important features we look for and a layout we dreamed about – incognito if you want it to be or lit up for a show 🙂

The motherboard itself is a deep matt black with chrome supports around the graphics card slots, if you’re going to build an SLi or Crossfire Gaming Rig you’ll be happy to see the spacing between the graphics cards is wide allowing both to breath giving you solid performance even if you stick to air cooling. When it comes to connections we find everything we could want, the Z170X Designare packs U.2, Thunderbolt 3 with dual USB 3.1 Type-C, and dual Intel LAN. There are three heatsinks on the motherboard with a subtle blue colouring and all can be removed easily if you want to mask these off and go all black (easy mod, a little nailpolish and done).

Now we can talk about how this motherboard is good but I think it’s really best if we build a PC using and show you a little more around how to paint those heatsinks and how the software behind it works for overclocking and adjusting the lighting for the perfect look so that’s just what we’ll do in a blog coming soon 🙂

UPDATE: We’ve made a killer rig with some friends at PB Tech we call the G1 Loop featuring this motherboard, check it out on PC Part Picker today!

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