Good Gaming Mouse – The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum


Logitech has been working on a new wireless gaming mouse design and their efforts come to life with the latest G900 Chaos Spectrum – they might have just built a mouse that outperforms all other gaming mice, including wired ones ūüôā

This lightweight semi modular masterpiece is well suited for both lefties and right handers with the side buttons being removable and you can even opt to have no side buttons with the included plates. The G900 has 5-11 buttons available to you, including a left and right click on the scroll wheel.

Unplug the data and charging cable to seamlessly switch between wired and wireless modes without interrupting your game. ¬†It’s got staying power – ¬†the wireless battery life of older G700 was a admirable 8-10 hours, the G602 had¬†its rather insane 200+ hours battery life but the trade off was weight added by two AA batteries (or one, the mouse can be used¬†just a single battery)¬†and while the G900 doesn’t quite hit those numbers you can still¬†game without recharge for around 24 hours with all the lighting on, and upto 32 hours with the lights off. ¬†The mouse automatically goes to sleep when not in use and¬†wakes up quickly when you want to use it again.

The Chaos Spectrum is equipped with the PMW3366 optical sensor which is widely regarded as the best gaming mouse sensor on the market.  With features like zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration across the entire DPI range (200-12,000DPI) this component delivers incredible tracking and accuracy with consistent responsiveness even at maximum speed.

LED is the¬†now more commonplace 16.8 million configurable along with your macros via the Logitech Gaming Software, it features two lighting zones that can be tweaked¬†independently or colour synced to match your setup. ¬†Don’t forget to grab the ARX control app as well, if you’re reading this on your smartphone here are¬†the¬†links for Android and iOS¬†ūüôā

UPDATE: This amazing mouse is now available in New Zealand!

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  • I have good experienced in using the Logitech device. So far it was never been having an issue since I started using it. Its easy to use and technically good.

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