Good Gaming – New PC BETA Signups

We’re blasting our way through 2016 and there are some great new games coming, and that of course means there’s also some tasty early access testing to sink our teeth into 🙂

Join the Battle! Get in your early registration for Ubisoft’s incoming melee combat game – For Honor.  A rather brutal looking hack and slash game this puts different factions of warriors against one another in close combat warfare.  Choose from Vikings, Knights, or Samurai and then chop, smash or slice your opponents!  Alpha testing is set to begin September 15th and you can sign up for the chance to be a part of it here. We quite like the look of this one and can’t wait to play it ourselves, a little Chivalry meets Assassins Creed 🙂

Looking for something to jump into right away? Paragon OPEN BETA is on again and getting in is as easy as going to the Paragon Website and clicking the PLAY FREE button up in the top right corner. Once in start playing to unlock more and more of the awesome characters this game has available now, you can check out the full Paragon Heroes roster here while you download 🙂

Rounding off this quick list is another very popular BETA that you can also jump into right now and enjoy – Elder Scrolls Legends! This is an online collectable card game set in the wonderful Elder Scrolls world 🙂 This BETA test is no longer under NDA (non-disclosure agreements) so you can disucss, share and boast about your experiences, perfect deck builds and epic duals which is pretty cool. To join in on the fun simply visit the Bethesda Elder Scroll Legends BETA website and click that big download button in the middle 😛

This is of course just slice of what’s available now with more coming, keep your eyes on our GGPC Computers Blog for betas, gameplay tests and more!


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