Good Gaming – No Man’s Sky Survival + Creative Modes

GGPC No Mans Sky Update

No Man’s Sky has just been updated and the patch notes for changes made is pretty massive. Gamers can now choose to enter the game in three unique modes, the new ones are Survival and Creative.

“Survival” mode is pretty self explanatory and will likely make the next adventure a little more challenging than the first but it’s the other new mode named “Creative” that’s really got a lot going on, in this mode we can now claim a home planet for ourselves by first finding an uninhabited base and then build it up using modular structures into our very own multi-level fortress complete with resource farms and mass storage.

We also now buy a large space freighter which can also be customised in a similar fashion to the planet bases, this new base ship can even be called to warp in on our position for a quick re-supply or upgrade on the go.

There are a bunch of changes all over the place in this new update, still no multiplayer sadly but very nice to see the game get an update as big as this one for sure and it’s going to be fun jumping back in to check out this new survival mode 🙂


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