Good Gaming – PC Building Simulator’s demo available now

GGPC PC Building Simulator

The day has finally come, Claudiu (a programmer from Romania) has released the pre-alpha build of a PC Building Simulator, you can check out everything and download the PC Building Simulator here.

The purpose of this game is to try to teach people about building PCs while still having fun. Claudiu strives to make it a fun game to play, but also wants it be a tool with which you could plan out builds and practice building with without spending thousands of dollars 🙂

Although it’s still got very limited component choices the game itself is looking pretty good, discussions with companies around the use of their official parts in the game are ongoing and hopefully everyone jumps onboard to help out with models for all the excellent computer components available today. Having something like this to design gaming PC with would be really excellent for system builders of all skill levels!

We’d love to add a visual toolset like this to our own Custom Gaming PC here at GGPC New Zealand, and we’ll keep following this one along as it progresses.


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