Good Gaming PC Chassis – Segotep SG-K7 2019

One of our favourite chassis just had an update for 2019 and it’s looking very good indeed!

The latest version of the SG-K7 from Segotep features the same triple tempered glass panels and customisable nameplate that made the original stand out from the crowd, but now they’ve improved on the RGB controls (four RGB fans are included with the chassis) by placing a quick and easy RGB selector button on front of the case!

This button will allow you to control all the fans connected to the fan controller hardware, switching between fades, pulses and a whole bunch of colours – want purple? no problem, want green? just push it to cycle the rainbow and enjoy the show. You won’t need any special software for this, and the included controller supports up to 8 Segotep RGB fans should you want to RGB overkill in your build 🙂

If you’re wanting to customise your nameplate there are 4 screws in total, so you need to remove the front glass panel so you can access the two front screws (the other two are easy to find inside), once those are out a little clear plastic panel (with the default Segotep sticker on it) can be removed. When we peeled off the default Segotep sticker it left a little residue which we quickly cleaned off with some meths.

We’ve used our label printing this time around as we have it in the workshop, but as with the previous version you can just print using a regular printer or even just use a vivid

The LED glow is powerful enough to shine through the paper but if you want to take a little time to cut out the name  – it’s crazy bright  – just put your Gamertag on the plastic backer and screw it back in, the plate will hold the graphic in place so you don’t need any glue etc – it’s that easy ?

You can see more of the chassis on GGPC Instagram, and undoubtedly as a whole range of new GGPC Gaming PC coming in 2019 too!