Good Gaming PC – The Gigabyte BRIX GTX 1070 Beast!

A new treat from Gigabyte has just landed in NZ and this one’s pretty GOOD!

Packing such a killer Gaming PC config into a really small package is no easy feat, the GTX 1070 and i7-6700K can produce quite a bit of heat when gaming as the push all those glorious frames to your monitor or TV for you to enjoy and that’s what makes this new machine oh so sweet, Gigabyte have packed in the specs while keeping the build wonderfully small šŸ™‚

GGPC Gigabyte BRIX Xbox One Gaming PCThis isn’t a build we can do for ourselvesĀ here at GGPCĀ either because those technical chapsĀ at Gigabyte have made a very fancy custom chassis especially for it, not only is it small but the airflow for cooling is top notch! We first spotted this new chassis design at ComputexĀ (it was hard to miss) but now the little beast has released with Nvidia 10 series power inside putting it performance wise right up beside our very own GGPC Custom Gaming PCĀ and much like oursĀ it’s also packing good things like AC Wireless and Bluetooth making it perfect to setup in the lounge if the consoles just aren’t cutting it for you šŸ˜›Ā To really put the size of this one into perspective we lined things up with an XBox One S, the new Gigabyte BRIX and a mid sized Cooler Master MasterBox 5 šŸ™‚

Only a small number of Gigabyte GZ1Ā Gaming PC have landed in New Zealand, get in quick and grab yours today!


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