Good Gaming – Sea of Thieves Early Access about to begin!

YYEEARRAAGGG Mateys! A new round of testing is about to begin for the upcoming pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves so if you haven’t already now is the time to sign up for early access 🙂

GGPC SignUp for Sea of Theives

Sea of Thieves is an upcoming game being developed by those talented folks at Rare and is set for release in 2017 as part of Microsofts ‘Play Anywhere’ range so we’re going to have to do our installs via the Windows 10 store on PC.

It’s a co-op savvy adventure so get ready to crew up and set sail on a quest for booty with musket and grog in hand, with a massive open world to explore full of beautiful open ocean battlegrounds and tropical islands with treasure to track down this ones looking pretty fun indeed. The next alpha test is set to begin with update 0.1 on the 16th of December and we’ve got a fleet of Custom Gaming PC ready to go for this one!