Good Graphics – Black Desert Online

Do you like sparkles and farming mobs?  If so you might also like Black Desert Online 🙂

Pack your cloak, sharpen your weapons, and grab as many bags as you can carry, because it’s time to set off on an epic adventure!  The highly anticipated MMORPG Black Desert Online is out today, bringing with it the deepest character customization system yet and some incredible world player interaction, trading, farming and crafting opportunities for players to get lost in.

A beautifully designed open world that’s as expansive as it is alive with action packed skill-based combat and crisp latest gen graphics to enjoy the world with, which brings us to the important question – what graphics card is best for this awesome game?

We’ve tested our desktop gaming range and below is a quick video of the GGPC Warlock Gaming PC in action as we brave a bandit camp armed with the excellent GTX 970!

It’s not all about fighting in this game though, one of the best parts of Black Desert is the rich trading system which could have you spending as much time on the back of your trusty donkey as it does storming the barracks, you can buy houses, hire workers and more so if your looking for an interesting online game to get really stuck into – this one is worth check out 🙂


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