Good Graphics – Paragon Tests Begin!

Powerful heroes join the fray!  Changing the battle with new abilities and ultimates.  Paragon blasted its way into a new stage of testing with players allowed to share and stream gameplay from the latest MOBA game – it even has a built-in Replay System, making it easy to export to YouTube + a GIF creator so you can share your most glorious moments instantly, and even build guides for the community.

“But what about that message saying I can’t share gameplay!”

Don’t worry about that – it’s a glitch left over from the first round of testing as below in this Tweet from EpicGames addressing the confusing situation!

Allowed to stream

Phew!  We’ve begun testing this out with our Gaming PC and Gaming Laptops and as you’ll see below from our quick test with the Hero Gaming PC things are certainly looking good!