Good Motherboard – Gigabyte X570S Fanless!

A new series of motherboards for Ryzen Gaming PC builders is on the way to New Zealand right now, and amongst these seven new options is a motherboard that’s exceptionally good looking – the X570S Gaming X.

Via Gigabyte: To unleash the full potential of the latest AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors, the motherboard requires the best CPU power, memory and IO design. With the best quality components and Gigabyte R&D design capability, X570S GAMING X is a true beast among motherboards.

We couldn’t agree more! But it’s also a quiet beast 🙂

Unlike most, this X570S Gaming X motherboard has no mini fan on it, instead opting for a large sink to dissipate heat. This is good because the fans that usually go in that spot, although small, do generate quite a lot of noise. The new cooling solution has increased the surface area by around 2x compared to a regular heatsink, the single-piece design and larger surface with channels and inlets provide the improvements needed for heat transfer performance.

The colour design is metallic dark, with some subtle rear lighting LED behind the right side and no front-facing RGB, there are 2x headers to connect RGB or ARGB components with.

Other features include front and rear USB 3.2 Type-C support, re-enforced PCIe slots with double locking brackets for heavy graphics cards, and a new solid pin design for power inputs – all welcome additions for those who will be using these for their new top tier rig 🙂

The memory layout is insanely good too, with the Gigabyte team ready to support speeds of up to DDR4-5100+ MHz via new XMP ready RAM kits.

Exciting times are ahead for sure, and this is just one of the new motherboard models that are on the way – keep your eyes on the Gigabyte Store for the latest!