Recently, Kingston HyperX into two separate teams, with HyperX pushing forward to expand the range of mice, keyboards, microphones and headsets, with HyperX FURY ram becoming part of the HyperX story, forgoing the Kingston.

With HyperX now happily standing on their own, Kingston looks to be taking back FURY, re-releasing as FURY BEAST and FURY RENEGADE! These new Kingston FURY series aims to be the next generation of performance memory and storage solutions for PC enthusiasts, gamers and content creators. It’s essentially the same product, with Kingston’s excellent engineering and manufacturing.

DDR4 kits are expected to be available late July, early August 2021 in NZ, and we can see they have updated their Kingston part number decoder tool with DDR5 information now too – so super exciting times ahead!

Keep your eyes on the Kingston Store for the latest.