Intel is back and they’ve got another awesome new Intel Master Key game bonus offer for those gearing up with select Intel Desktop CPU, Gaming PC or Gaming Laptops!

This new Intel Master Key Crysis Remastered Trilogy + Humankind offer includes a selected range of Intel 10th Gen and 11th Gen CPU in the eligible list, really great news for those building a new Gaming PC.

This new Intel Master Key unlocks two very different games, Humankind and Crysis Remastered. The eligible date range for purchases is from August 27th 2021 – January 31st 2022 and only from authorised Intel partners (see PB Tech in New Zealand) so you can claim your Master Key Code, quick links below for our favourite Intel CPU options.

– Intel Core i5
– Intel Core i7
– Intel Core i9

Now onwards to the best bit, let’s check out those games!

HUMANKIND: Just released and looking darn good, with a hilarious launch trailer about the battles the rage between those wanting to be the first in history. The game world is, for a part at least, historically based, so you can destroy or improve, starve or thrive, and create a civilization that is unique to the choices made.

Gameplay is turn based, very strategic. It’s a brilliant PC game, changing with each playthrough.

Those who have been gaming for a while will instantly recognise the next game, it set the bar for PC performance for many years following its original release, it innovated hero shooter gameplay mechanics and gave us gamers the freedom to play parts of the game in our own unique way, the world design was exciting and for the most part, quite open.

CRYSIS REMASTERED: You’ll get all 3 main games in the Crysis Trilogy, so there is a lot to get though – but storylines are strong, gameplay is excellent and remastered graphics are beautiful. Re-visit the dangerous North Korean islands, save humanity from a deadly virus in New York City and uncover the truth about C.E.L.L.


PLEASE NOTE: We’ve had reports about the text message verification tool having issues sending messages to NZ numbers. If you get stuck at all during game activation be sure to log Support Claim with the Intel Master Key Team – they will help fix these sort of issues should they arise.