The easy way to check if your Gaming PC is VR ready.


As we prepare to step into the future, drawing ever closer to a potentially massive change in the PC gaming space – the arrival of Virtual Reality, brought to life via the Oculus Rift!  For those looking to dive in right away, one question needs to be answered …

“Can my gaming PC can handle the VR experience?”

Lucky for us all, finding out is easy 🙂 If you’re running Windows simply run this very handy OCULUS RIFT PC CHECKING TOOL and you’ll be presented with a list like the one below.


Now that the hard part is out of the way you will either be ready to go or in need of an upgrade –  the tool will have told you what component needs tweaking and we’ve created a system that meets the full requirements to use as an upgrade path if needed, the full build is listed on PCPartPicker for you to check out. UPDATE:  You can use the Intel i5-6400 CPU if you like a cheaper option 🙂

This way depending on which parts you’re needing you can check out our suggestions.  You can even put your build into the PCPartPicker to check if any changes made are compatible with the rest, it’s a great way to make sure you’ve got enough power for the new graphics card for sure!