Nvidia GTX PUBG Tracksuit Bonus

Nvidia have a new in-game bonus offer with selected GTX 1650, GTX 1660 and GTX 1660 Ti Graphics Cards, Gaming Laptops/Desktop PC featuring this hardware.

See all the Graphics Cards, Gaming Laptops at Desktop PC included in the GTX PUBG Tracksuit Promotions at PB Tech.

The bonus this time around is an awesome green Nvidia tracksuit for use in PUBG, so you’ll have to have to own the PUBG game to use it, you can check out the T&C here. The tracksuit is actually made up of two in-game items, an Nvidia jersey jacket + matching Nvidia pants.

This in-game bonus offer is available on eligible purchases from July 5th and is set to end on the 30th of September 2019. (codes expire October 31st 2019)

Claiming your bonus is easy, but it depends on the brand of graphics card you’ve purchased – see below for Asus, Gigabyte Aorus and EVGA NZ links!

For Gaming Desktop PC / Graphics Cards

Gigabyte GTX 1600 Series AORUS PUBG Tracksuit Bonus Redemption

EVGA GTX 1600 Series PUBG Tracksuit Bonus Redemption

Asus ROG 1600 Series GTX PUBG Tracksuit Bonus Redemption

For Gaming Laptops

MSi GTX 1600 Series Gaming Laptops

Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1600 Series Gaming Laptops

Asus ROG Strix GTX 1600 Series Gaming Laptops