Good Graphics – No Man’s Sky Gameplay FPS Tests Begin!

PEW PEW! No Man’s Sky has finally released on PC and we’ve begun our Graphics Card FPS tests to see what the performance is like for both Nvidia and AMD in this epic new space odyssey 🙂

Starting out with the just released AMD RX 460 Graphics card things are looking pretty good indeed, transition from space to the planets surface is acceptable with frame rates dipping into the high 20’s, once on the surface our FPS increases to a rather impressive 45!

Next up for the green team we jet through the asteroids and down to the planet below with the excellent Nvidia GTX 960 graphics card, this mid range card has been a favourite for a while now and with it the gameplay is smooth managing to hold around 49 frames per second during our re-entry and landing test.  Great work from Nvidia!

For the AMD RX 470 graphics card test we extended the journey (2 minute test) to include blasting off from the planets surface and then headed back down again.  FPS held up very well with majority of the flight being in the 70’s and only a short stutter into 30’s during our landing sequence, so far for us these dips typically occur around landing or when entering a planets atmosphere for the first time.

When it came to the Nvidia GTX 1080 tests we opted to jump right into 4K gameplay and used ShadowPlay to capture the video below, oddly although the game settings say “Full Screen” this is not the case and it’s actually running in a window – we got around this for our game capture by setting ShadowPlay to record the desktop and it worked great!  Some stutters in the usual places for sure but this is 3840×2160 at almost max settings with game cap running and it still manages to hit around 60FPS!

One thing is for sure, No Man’s Sky is going to be one epic adventure with a whole galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger and action!


Good Graphics – AMD RX 480, RX 470 and RX 460 available NOW!


UPDATE: We’ve added gameplay playlist links below for each of the new GPU 🙂

AMD are back in the game with their latest generation of graphics cards and our gaming tests with the RX series are looking very good indeed!

With three amazing and affordable options AMD might just have the perfect graphics card for your next build and with so many AMD Crossfire savvy motherboards available now (at very reasonable prices) it’s going to be really interesting to see what we can do with this excellent new tech!

From AMD “Gamers and consumers today are being left behind. Today only the top 16 percent of PC users can afford GPUs that deliver premium VR and gaming experiences. Hundreds of millions of gamers have been relegated to using outdated technology. Notebook gamers are often forced to compromise. And tens of millions more can only read about incredible PC VR experiences that they can’t enjoy for themselves. That all changes with the Radeon RX Series, placing compelling and advanced high-end gaming and VR technologies within reach of everyone.”

Starting out with the new RX 460 Graphics Card we find it to be perfect for games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Star Wars Battlefront and Overwatch as expected, when we continued the tests with the very heavy Witcher 3 game it still did well, but this is certainly a title more suited to the cards more powerful big brother, the RX 470.

UPDATE: RX 460 Gaming PC FPS Tests

Showing off some outstanding performance the RX 470 now positions itself as the best value solution for those looking to build a VR Ready Gaming PC, as seen below (not the most exciting video, but does the trick) this new AMD GPU passes the VR test when paired with the very affordable intel i5-6400 🙂 Incredible stuff!

Pretty crazy cool, we quickly tested Overwatch with the RX 470 also and the performance of this new graphics card is excellent!

UPDATE: RX 470 Gaming PC FPS Tests

The RX 480 delivers extraordinary visual power and technological innovation, enabling premium experiences in the new wave of high-end VR games, entertainment, and applications. It can power through the most graphics-intensive games allowing us all to step into fantastic virtual worlds with lifelike realism, and rich interactivity.

UPDATE: RX 480 Gaming PC FPS Tests

When it came to our tests with the RX 480 and Overwatch we were able to achieve 100+ FPS as well, we found in some of the more action packed moments framerates dipped into the high 80’s.

Dark Souls 3 with the RX 480 was a frame locked 60FPS experience for us during the first boss fight, some odd drops down to 1% GPU usage shown but no drops in performance – odd but nice :/

Memory speed changes a little also with only the RX 480 coming in at 8000MHz while the others look to be clocked at 7000MHz. Each of the new cards are going to come in two choices for memory size, for the RX 470 and RX 480 this is a choice between 4GB and 8GB GDDR5, for the smaller RX 460 we’ll get to choose between 4GB and 2GB versions and some models don’t require an additional power cable 🙂

Keep your eyes on our GGPC Computers Blog for the latest gameplay tests, new custom gaming pc builds and more!


Good Graphics Card – AMD RX 470 Just landed in NZ!


Oh you sexy thing!

We’ve excitedly just begun our first gaming pc build with the latest AMD graphics card – the Sapphire RX 470! A new graphics card that AMD claims is capable of decent 1080p gaming and also hits the minimum spec for a VR system, it’s all part of AMD’s overall strategy to reduce the cost of buying into the VR ecosystem and with performance looking to be very similar to that of the excellent GTX 970 (our previous VR Ready go-to graphics card) things are indeed looking good!

Sapphire have both a 4GB and 8GB version of the RX 470 available now and each is using their awesome dual fan Nitro cooling system, they’ve also placed the 8-pin power inputs on the back of the graphics cards again which everyone should be doing – nice work Sapphire!

The logo along the top is lined with LED lighting but instead of using software to tweak this you’ll find an LED mode button on the back of the PCB can be used to switch it between various settings including a nice breathing mode, you can also download the new Sapphire TriXX 3.0 Software to customise lighting, adjust fan speeds, core voltages and clock speeds to tune up performance 🙂

Keep your eyes on our GGPC Computers Blog and YouTube Channel for the latest!


Good Gaming Monitor – Asus 1440p for Overwatch eSports

The power of our Graphics Cards have increase substantially recently with the release of the AMD RX 480 and the GTX 1070 from Nvidia, things are so good in fact that if you are lucky enough to be running with one in your system you’re pretty much good to leave the 1080P world behind and jump right into 2560 x 1440 resolution for your games, of course that means you’re probably going to have to find yourself a new monitor that can handle this higher quality.

Enter the Asus VX24AH 🙂 This awesome Asus monitor is quite unlike any we’ve had the pleasure of using before. The super sleek 2560 x 1440 panel produces an absolutely stunning image that has to be seen in person to appreciate fully, while most monitors above 1920Ă—1080 resolution use the 27? size because this one is only 23.8? the pixel density is much higher and when you’re gaming on it graphics look oh so crisp – IMO even better than our 28? 4K monitors! The colours are vibrant and the monitor is apparently 100% sRGB accurate, although we haven’t used it for editing yet it’s a pretty safe bet that it would be a great choice for this as well as gaming 🙂

GGPC eSports NZ

We recently equipped our GGPC eSports teams with the VX24AH for Overwatch and the game has never looked so good! The monitor also has nice and wide viewing angle so it made things easy for spectators watching the gaming with us as well, it’s also really really slim and this was a great asset for us having limited desk space for each players setup.

GGPC VX42ah OverclockAlthough the monitor is certainly ultra slim it does still have twin speakers for those moments when you don’t want to wear your headset, there is a headphone jack on the monitor along with the twin HDMI ports which also support MHL so if you’re lucky enough to have a MHL compatible smartphone you can view it on the VX24AH while simultaneously charging the device, and that’s certainly handy to have around 🙂

The monitor is 60Hz and since we had a little downtime between matches we checked out just how far we could overclock this and managed to increase to 69Hz stable for a 15% performance gain – nicely done Asus!

Oddly there isn’t a DisplayPort input on the monitor so if you’re thinking of going triple screen be sure to check your graphics card outputs and be prepared to get some HDMI-DisplayPort cables as the monitor only includes HDMI-HDMI cables in the box.

Now that we’ve had a really good go with this Asus monitor we are happy to recommend it to gamers who are looking for a really nice 1440p screen – This Asus Monitor is most definitely GOOD!

GGPC recommends VX24AH

UPDATE: Still haven’t found a better looking 1440p Gaming Monitor in NZ yet!

Good Gaming – Asus AMD Warhammer Bonus


A new AMD game bundle with ASUS graphics cards has just begun!

Gear up with selected R9 390 and 390X Graphics Cards and you can get a code for the new tactical strategy game that has just released, Total War: Warhammer. The latest in the Total War series sees us taking part in addictive turn-based empire-building with colossal, real-time battles, all set in a world of legendary heroes, giant monsters, flying creatures and storms of magical power.

The Old World echoes to the clamour of ceaseless battle. The only constant is WAR!

– Promotion Period: May 17 – August 15, 2016
– Qualifying GPUs: Radeon R9 390X & R9 390
– Game launch: May 24, 2016

Once you’ve got your awesome new graphics card, register to receive your game code via the redemption page:  Be sure to check out the awesome 360 trailer below as well!

OVERWATCH – OPEN BETA early access now live!


If you pre-ordered Overwatch you’ve been flagged for early access to the latest open beta tests!  If you haven’t already entered your codes then check that inbox for two early-access keys – there should be one for you and one for a lucky friend 🙂

This BETA opens up to everyone on the 5th so even if you’ve not already joined the battle you can in just a couple more days, the game is extremely fun to play and features a wide array of unique heroes, ranging from a future soldier with deadly aim, to a hook throwing, potion slamming warrior, to a transforming robot tank.

Every hero in Overwatch plays differently, and using their abilities at the right time is the key to dominating your opponents. We’ve begun testing each systems performance for the best settings to use for a 60FPS target (1080p 100% rendering) and we are happy to report solid performance on both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, check out the videos below from our GGPC GTX 950 Hero and R7 370 Shaman Gaming PC!


GGPC Shaman Gaming PC (R7 370 + AMD FX-6300)

GGPC Hero Gaming PC (GTX 950 + i5-6400)

Sneek Peek – Sulon Q VR Headset

sulon-q-edSulon Q represents the latest in an ever-expanding VR headset market.  The world’s first (and currently only) “wear and play” headset for virtual reality, augmented reality and spatial computing!

What does that mean?  Well, for starters it’s a complete all-in-one, tether-free device so you won’t need to have a PC, Console or Smartphone to use it.

Check out this pretty cool augmented reality jack and the bean stalk story demo and see what it’s like for yourself 🙂

It’s apparently quite simple to use with no wires or complicated tracking systems – it features unique spatial mapping technology, which scans your environment and gestures in real-time so you can interact with objects.

The specs look gorgeous as well – 2,560×1,440 resolution OLED display, 8GB ram and a 256GB SSD along with Microsoft Windows 10 is certainly a nice setup.

Powered by the AMD FX-8800P APU with Sulon’s Spatial Processing Unit it can deliver gaming console-quality graphics for full content immersion and while all that tech packed into the headset could make things a little front heavy – I just want to try it on!  And with Sulon going for a launch date that’s around three months from now we might get to sooner than we think 🙂


Ashes of the Singularity Release Date Annouced

Stardock announced March 31, 2016 as the release date for Oxide Games’ real-time strategy game Ashes of the Singularity.  A game set in a future where humanity has expanded into the stars and is now in conflict for control of key planets in the galaxy, players wage planetary warfare on a massive scale to conquer and control planets.

The Launch Date Trailer shows off some of the various factions’ weaponry and military technology, including a blast from the devastating orbital strike cannon. One of the game’s key features is its Nitrous 3D engine, whose 64-bit, multi-core foundation supports DirectX 11, DirectX 12 and multiple GPUs.  One of the most exciting features that DirectX 12 brings to the table is the ability to have independent memory pools for each GPU.  Currently, when in SLI and CrossFire the GPUs have replicated memory pools that are identical copies of each other, but in DX12, each GPU can have completely separate data in memory, and even different size memory pools!

The game is available now for early access pre-order on Steam, you can also check out all the Direct X 12 Ashes of the Singularity Benchmark results from our desktop GGPC Gaming PC range 🙂

We’ll be watching this one closely as it develops!

Good Graphics Card – AMD vs Nvidia BONUS

GGPollAMD has entered the fray with a pretty tempting offer of their own to spice things up, while both teams have Farcry Primal up for grabs Hitman and The Division are now going head to head as bonus offers on selected graphics cards.

We asked “Both Nvidia and AMD have some great bonus games available now with selected graphics cards, teams aside which game would you prefer out of Hitman (2016) and The Division?” and even though it’s only a couple hours into the poll it seems the Division is striking out with a rather large lead – the peoples choice indeed!

No matter what side you’re on it’s pretty much a win win isn’t it – two epic games either way you play!

Once you’ve geared up with your new hardware you can use these links to get your hands on these awesome games 🙂 For Farcry Primal, Tom Clancy’s The Division or Hitman & also another sweet bonus for the red team is Star Wars!