SIGN UP! VALORANT AOC RISING HEROES eSports event starts March 27th!

It’s called AOC RISING HEROES, it’s an online gaming event for New Zealand + Australia gamers and the entry is free – so it’s a a good time to get together with friends and play to win!

For those who have been thinking about getting into esports this is a really good event to start off with. The Valorant game is free to play, it’s a competitive 5v5 tac-shooter. If you’ve enjoyed CS:GO, Overwatch or Paladins previously it will feel familiar. The characters are called Agents in this one, and your special powers will depend on which one you choose, use them to create new opportunities and let your gunplay shine.

Valorant can be downloaded via (12GB download)

Don’t worry if the timing doesn’t fit and you’re unable to play in this one, the event will be streaming on Twitch & YouTube too, watching competitions is great for learning good tactics for the next one ūüėõ

In this event players will compete in teams of five, you can also have subs & coaches but there are limits (see the event rulebook for more info).

The first stage of competition consisting of three open double elimination qualifiers each qualifying four teams to the swiss stage.

The event qualifiers begin on March 27th, with another two on April 10th & finally April 17th.

Sign up for the event here =

Once qualifiers are completed, the best of Australian & New Zealand Valorant players compete with each other, the eSports competition proper is set to begin on May 8th with the final playoffs ending June 6th.

It’s not all about glory and good times though, this event also has a prize pool of gaming monitors, mice, keyboards, headsets and more from the top chaps at AOC & HyperX!