Chrome Error Message

Guide: Fixing the “This site can’t be reached” error message in Chrome

Today we’re taking a closer look at network connection issues, and some quick fixes that might work for a bunch of error messages that appear only sometimes… making the actual cause often tricky to find.




Generally, the error appears when you first launch your browser, or visit a website you often visit. Pushing CTRL + F5 to force re-cache a few times will often get you past the issues if and when they do appear.

If that’s the case, and you’re able to bypass the error with a few cache clearing key presses, try these options, one by one, in order.

Clear the browser “On Startup” options

Open up chrome and either click the three little dots top right to access the settings menu, or visit chrome://settings/onStartup to jump straight to the menu.

IMPORTANT: Clicking the link above should cause the error we’re trying to fix!

You can cut and paste the link and it will work.

Step #1: Highlight the text by left-clicking and holding the button down, then drag to highlight all the text.

Step #2: Press CTRL + C to cut the text to your clipboard

Step #3: Press CTRL + V to paste into the search bar

Now that we’re in settings, set the menu to “Open the New Tab Page” as shown below, once confirmed that everything is working as it should again you can update to either of the other two options.

OK, now reboot and test your PC to see if the error re-appears, if it does we continue on with the fixes below.

Clearing the browser cache – completely.

Open up chrome and visit chrome://history/ to access the menu below.

Once you’re there, click the “Clear Browsing Data” option and a pop-up box will appear.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to select “Advanced” up top, the time range only needs to back as far as when the error first started appearing, but if unsure “All-Time” is a great safe option. You might need to scroll down to see all options too.

Once everything is selected, click the blue “CLEAR DATA” button on the bottom right.

That generally works for a cache related issue, but if the problem persists we can also try more options below.

Resetting the network adaptor settings and or resetting the network settings using command prompt in windows 10 wise, there is a seriously good guide for both at which covers everything and the best bit is they got links in the article – so as you’re going through the guide you can click links to open up the settings menu you need, like this one which will open your network settings in windows 10 ms-settings:network-status 🙂