Eternal Crusade

Good Gaming – Warhammer 40K Free to Play

The 3rd person battleground co-op shooter, Warhammer: Eternal Crusade just got a new free-to-play mode added so we can all jump in and try this one out with no money down 🙂

Going with the free to play version we’re given access to play as Space Marines, Orks, Chaos and Eldar races with a range of factions available for each. Leveling your character up takes a bit longer with XP gained from each match being less than those playing the paid version of the game, the first level took around 4 matches to attain – it’s not really a massive disadvantage though with a range of weapon loadouts being available for each right away, the damage dealt while using the standard bolter was pretty darn impressive anyways, friendly fire is something you’ve really got to consider in this one!

You can jump in and out of vehicles which are available at your base, some of these act as mobile spawn points allowing you to really push the objectives while others allow for multiple players to jump on the guns and really push in with some massive firepower. The level design is spot on with the Warhammer 40K universe and some of the structures are quite impressive looking, especially large gothic cathedrals which dominate the landscape.

We’ve just started testing this one out and if things go well we will add it to our sticky Free to Play PC Games Blog, below is a quick gameplay clip we captured last night as happily running around shooting Orks with the massive heavy bolter 🙂