Bonus Boosters – Hearthstone Whispers of the Old Gods!


In case you’ve somehow missed it, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free-to-play online collectible card game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.  It took the world by storm in 2014 and is still going strong, in fact – it’s stronger than ever!

Embraced by both casual gamers and competitive ones, Hearthstones core game is constantly being tweaked by the developers and improvements are ongoing – recently we had a new Hearthstone Hero Lady Liadrin become available and now it’s time for another 100+ cards to join the mix!

Want some of these new cards for FREE to start things off?  Of course you do!  Simply sign into Hearthstone (on your PC or smartphone) to grab 3x bonus booster packs for this new expansion 🙂  Another cool treat is when you open your first booster you’ll also receive the Legendary C’Thun and two Beckoner of Evil cards! 

In addition to this two play modes are now available, in the new standard format you play with a deck built solely from a pool of cards that were released in the current and previous year, and also the classic card set.  In Wild mode you can build your deck with whatever cards you have in your collection, choosing either mode will put you in with players using the same deck format rules 🙂 There are some new quests to encourage players to try the modes out so be sure to check things out and nab those sweet rewards.

Game on!

Hearthstone – How to get the New Hero

Such a good game to play on your Smartphone 🙂

There’s a new Hero named Lady Liadrin available now in Hearthstone, but we don’t unlock her by playing cards – Blizzard want us to play some World of Warcraft (for free) to unlock this new champion.  If you want this you will need to level up a World of Warcraft character to 20 and this will activate a new Achievement, the Fledgling Hero of Warcraft which will in turn (via your battle.net account) will unlock Liadrin for use in Hearthstone 🙂

No World of Warcraft subscription is necessary to earn this hero simply log in or start a trial account for World of Warcraft and play!

Unfortunately for those of us with existing World of Warcraft characters this achievement won’t be awarded automatically due to our past accomplishments, so I guess we’ll all have to level up a fresh character 🙂