High School League

Good eSports NZ – High School Leagues About to Begin!

UPDATE: Next matches are set for the 13th of March, you can check the HSL Schedule here for timings 

The HSL (High School League) is a national eSports competition for New Zealand High Schools, they’ve kicked things off this week and though-out its duration (around 12 weeks) 250 students will be taking to their keyboards and mice into battle with this massive a 50-team competition playing the overseas eSports hit – League of Legends 🙂

With the grand final being set to take place on the 9th of June each team will play against each other in a 10 week round robin tournament which leads the winners into a two week long playoff for the top spots.

You can watch the action unfold via Twitch (just click the banner below and you’ll be taken there 🙂 For more information, check out the letsplay.live NZ website!

HSL eSports NZ High School League of Legends Competition by Lets Play Live