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GGPC Mass Effect Andromeda Free Vehicle Skin Free Helmet and Play First Trial

Many of us are already¬†running around in Mass Effect Andromeda now, screaming “WE COME IN PEACE!” while unloading our weapons into anything that moves ūüėõ For others this weekend will be filled with Sci-Fi adventures and¬†exciting co-op matches within APEX \o/

If you’re looking for some more cosmetic options to use in game¬†the Andromeda Initiative has a free helmet and vehicle skin you can claim by learning a bit about the Mass Effect universe, and your place within it. You can visit the Andromeda Initiative Website here, in order to unlock the helmet you’ll have to watch 6 short training videos (which are pretty cool) – unlocking¬†the Nomad vehicle skin is as easy as signing up the for newsletter ūüôā¬†

You’ll have to reach EOS (the first planet you’ll travel too when you get to free roam) in order to use the items in game, once you’ve got your ground vehicle go to your personal quarters on the Tempest (your super cool space ship) and look for the skin next to the email terminal –¬†you‚Äôll find the helmet in your bedroom on the Tempest as well \o/ We’re not sure how long these will be available for so get in quick and nab them while you can!

You can also still check out the game before you buy within EA’s Origin game launcher¬†(download button is hidden on the left) – this has a paid subscription feature called Origin Access that¬†will allow to jump into the galaxy with a limit set at 10 hours of game time – the timer ticks only when you are in the game so don’t worry about a lengthy download chopping into this. We rushed this one to see how far into things the game trial went and hit the end around 2 hours in, so feel free to take some time and explore ūüôā

You’ll find the game within your Origin Launcher under the Origin Access tab, once you click it to start the¬†download (40GB)¬†it’s going to be added to your regular¬†game library so it’s easy to find! If you do decide to keep going and buy the game all your progress will carry over + you won’t have to download another client, this one simply converts to the full game¬†\o/

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We’ve jumped into this one with a range of¬†Gaming PC¬†to check things out for ourselves and had a blast getting into fights around the universe – keep your eyes on the GGPC YouTube for the latest!