Good Gaming Case – Phanteks P400 RGB Mid Tower

Inspired by the recent build and video by Ryan and Phil on PCPartPicker we’ve just changed Dark Knight build chassis from the massive Corsair 780T to the new (and thankfully smaller) Phanteks Eclipse P400 with the additional full case RGB lighting hooked into the front controller on the chassis, and we’ve taken some pictures along the way!

With super clean looks and a great window for viewing the components inside, this new case series from Phanteks has proven itself popular among PC builders worldwide and it’s a great addition to the Phanteks family – the new Eclipse series comes in grey and black, with a silent P400s version also available in white.
Like most chassis it comes in standard packaging – wrapped in a bag with polystyrene protection, be a bit more careful than usual when picking up the case as the front panel comes off very easily compared others and we recommend slightly changing your grip to the side just in case.

GGPCFrontPanelAside from the griping issue we really do like clips and how easily they make it to remove the front of the case during the build.  Also there are no wires connecting to the front panel so if you’re feeling creative modding this would be very easy indeed.

The top panel of the case is where you’ll find the power button, two USB 3.0 ports and a pair of headset jacks along with LED colour change and reset (on the silenced P400s there is also three speed fan controller).

The case is very roomy inside with no 5 ¼ bays, there are 3 cable management velcro ties on the back for easy cable management – for some reason the ones on our chassis were upside down, we have opened an additional 3 chassis including a silent white version and all cable management strips were upside down so not quite sure if this is the standard or just odd 🙂   The P400 comes with 2 standard black 120mm fans pre-installed on the front and back with room to add upto 3x on the front and an additional 2x 120mm on the top, you could also fit 2x 140mm on the front and top if you prefer.  The back is also equipped with 2x quick release SSD drive bays.


The case supports a variety of motherboard sizes – ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX and even some E-ATX.  A small brown box in the drive bay contains screws, 6x cable ties and a small manual which you’re pretty unlikely to need as the chassis is super easy to build in with tooless HDD bays, magnetic dust filters and plenty of space.


The main reason we’ve decided to use this case is because of the cool way you can connect the LED controller on the front to an additional Phanteks RGB LED strip kit and have the lighting in your build synchronize with the small LED downlight on the front.  The front LED on the chassis is pretty small and shines through a small white plastic piece on the front panel to give you an cleaner effect.
This is done very easily via a connector in the top front corner of the case, you’ll have to use an official Phanteks LED strip as the voltage is important for the colour system and you can check out this RGB LED connection in action on our GGPC Instagram.

Our full system build notes and parts list for tweaking is available now on PC Part Picker to check out as well!

And on that note, now that we’ve built several Good Gaming PC in this chassis we are happy to give it a well deserved recommendation to anyone looking for a new mid sized chassis at a great price – The Phanteks P400 is GOOD!