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Good eSports – Te Puke High School Tournament

More often than not, when we think about eSports we think about the players, and it’s fair enough too with the high level of skill, teamwork and excellent team communication often needed – but another school in New Zealand is embracing the opportunities that come from competitive gaming, and it’s all looking very good indeed.

Those fine folks at Te Puke High School have just hosted their own eSports tournament, but the best bit is they’ve included it as part of the curriculum for business students! This is understandably awesome, by having the Year 10 Business Studies students actually organise the event from start to finish they’ll be gaining the valuable experience that comes along with it, allowing them to host better events in the future, or to support those who want to 

This included all the tricky bits, such as drafting the teams, setting match schedules, securing sponsors for prizes, marketing the event, health & safety – and all the fun parts, the decorations, lights, sound and music & technical setup requirements even included hosts!

Via Armand de Villiers; Te Puke ICT manager “I think it has also shown staff at our school who may have had a level of scepticism about the event, that there is a real positive side to this. You hear feedback after the event about kids that are normally shy and withdrawn in class, unable to stop talking about their part of the event.”

Now onto the games! Keen students formed into teams of 5, with fellow students at Te Puke Intermediate school also invited to compete in Unreal Tournament 4, which is free to download and play via Epic Games.

A real focus on teamwork is needed to win in a game like this, the goal is to take your opponents’ flag from their base, and then deliver it back to your flag base in order to win – but if your flag has been taken by the enemy team, you’ll be unable to return the flag to your base until your own flag is also returned to position.

The weapon of choice in Unreal Tournament Capture the Flag is a special too, a teleportation gun named the Translocator. You can use this to position yourself in hard to reach places, or quickly move to a nearby location, but if you attempt to translocate while holding the flag it will be left at your last known location.

A team wins by having the most flag captures at the end of each match, and if they are equal when the time runs out – it goes into a golden goal mode, so the next team to score a point wins!

Unreal Tournament was a top choice for gaming event like this, action-packed in a similar way to football with real depths in terms of teamwork needed to win against an equally matched team – nicely done Te Puke High School!

We’re pretty lucky here at GGPC to have attended some of biggest global eSports events from Intel Extreme Masters and SteelSeries – and seeing what the students at Te Puke High School have achieved gives us high hopes for seeing more world-class events in New Zealand’s Future.

Want to get involved? See more about eSports in Education at PB Tech.


Good eSports NZ – Waikato University Arena

Ohh what a time to be alive! The University of Waikato has made New Zealand history by launching the first university-based esports facility, the OMEN Esports Arena. 

Equipped with multiple high-end Gaming PC, rows of DX Racer Gaming Chairs and a really big LG TV for streaming highlights, the esports arena serves as a dedicated space for on-campus gaming enthusiasts. 

To create the Arena, The University teamed up with OMEN, The popular HP gaming and esports brand who supplied 12 top-of-the-line gaming computers, and PB Tech, New Zealand’s largest IT and computer retailer who supplied the big screen LG TV as well as a partial sponsorship of the DX Racer gaming chairs. 

Mike Calvert, Director of Student Services at Waikato University, says the OMEN Esports Arena fits with the university’s direction of providing opportunities in a sport, “Esports is a global phenomenon and is one of the fastest-growing industries,” says Calvert. “With more than a million participants in New Zealand, and more than 300 million participants worldwide, it makes sense from a strategic perspective to move into this space,” he says. “Esports is a new and emerging field – the viewership is steadily climbing and the financial backing is growing, so it’s great to see the University of Waikato leading the way in this exciting industry.”

“We want to be able to give our students, who are likely to be engaging in esports anyway, an opportunity to be part of this in a socially inclusive environment where they can participate with like-minded people and, eventually, segue into future opportunities in esports.”

“It’s also an opportunity to link academic research and esports together, which is something we’re developing at the moment.” 

As part of the arena, the University of Waikato offers a school-leaver scholarship for students who excel in esports. The 2degrees Esports Scholarship for School-Leavers awards $5000 to students who demonstrate excellence in esports, exhibit leadership experience or potential, and who carry values in health and wellbeing. 

This year’s scholarship recipient, Ryan Holt, says the esports scholarship has allowed him to combine his passion for video games with his love of a challenge.  

Brian White, Business Development Manager for PB Tech Central North Island, says “the university’s commitment to opening an esports arena shows competitive gaming can be more than just a hobby. “For a major university to be so involved with development pathways and scholarships for competitive gaming is just amazing.”

Jason Spiller, Marketing Manager for Gaming, Esports & Immersive Technologies at HP, says the OMEN Esports arena is providing a new opportunity for the region. “Esports is growing. It’s not only growing as a career option for those wanting to turn pro, but it’s growing in a myriad of other ways. From future careers and game development to coding and tournament operations, there are so many other aspects that go into what is now a massive industry.”

“In an age of growing digital isolation, gaming and esports are one of best ways to provide identity and community to students and the OMEN Esports Arena provides a place to foster those connections,” says Spiller.

Amongst the crowd enjoying the grand opening celebrations was Conrad from Ping Zero NZ, who took out first place in the F1 racing tournament (he’s quite the racer!), and Callum from Pixel Lounge NZ who raced into 3rd for the fun mini-event.

It’s all very exciting, you can read more about the new University of Waikato eSports Arena on the official FB page!

GAME ON!… I mean… STUDY ON!… well, both I guess!

GGPC X Logitech G Mega MAY Winner Announced!

This event has now ended, see the latest GGPC Promotions here!

Congratulations to our MAY WINNER Julie W! – June GGPC promotions have begun here

Throughout May, if you grabbed yourself a Good Gaming PC you could register to redeem a G240 Gaming Mouse Pad to go with your new Gaming Rig.

Crafted for maximum control of your mouse movements, the G240 provides edge-to-edge performance on a clean surface with just the right amount of friction for low-DPI manoeuvres. Your gaming will benefit from the consistent surface texture, also giving your mouse sensors better imagery for translating mouse movement into cursor movement!

A great mousepad for any mouse, but this will also put you into the draw for our MASSIVE Logitech Gaming Prize Pack which will be going out to one lucky gamer!

Our grand prize for May consisted of three distinctly impressive pieces of Logitech G Gaming Gear, the first being just released Logitech G512 Linear Gaming Keyboard!

G512 is a high-performance gaming keyboard, delivering 1 ms report rate and featuring advanced Romer-G Linear mechanical switches. Full-spectrum RGB combine with LIGHTSYNC technology that takes the LED experience with your games to a whole new level! The aluminium alloy gives the G512 a bladelike chassis with a beautiful brushed metal finish, on the back you’ll also find a handy USB port for convenience – plug in a device to charge or plug in a mouse, without missing a beat.

And speaking of a gaming mouse – we’ve got a great one to go with this!

Included in this months GGG Prize Pack is the outstanding Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Gaming Mouse which is one of the top-rated Gaming Mice in the WORLD!

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse with full RGB LED Lighting and tunable weight options included. Get maximum tracking accuracy from the responsive PMW3366 optical sensor which works with exclusive Logitech G Delta Zero optical sensor technology to minimize mouse acceleration and increase reliable targeting. Adjustable RGB lighting lets you select from up to 16.8 million colours and as our lucky winner is going to have a complete setup, Logitech Gaming Software will allow them to choose lighting to match their style, and then set this theme over the whole kit – synchronizing lighting patterns and effects to bring the gaming setup to life with breathing or light cycling light patterns!

Ohhh that’s a pretty amazing setup we’ve got here, but it’s not over yet!

Completing the setup is another new release from Logitech G, the sleek, black, G533 Wireless DTS 7.1 Gaming Headset!

Featuring Pro-G audio drivers using hybrid mesh materials, the G533 delivers audio performance normally found in high-end audiophile headphones. DTS Headphone:X technology accurately replicates 7.1 speaker placement and audio positioning, allowing this headset to recreate the in-game environmental effects and positional audio game designers intended you to hear. You can even tune the volume levels for each of the 7 audio channels to amplify game sounds coming from rear channels to hear what’s behind you! With advanced lossless digital audio transmission, the G533 delivers wireless convenience and incredible high fidelity sound with up to 15 meters range, designed to maintain a strong connection even in noisy EMI environments such as when there are multiple competing wireless signals nearby.

What a bunch of prizes!

Check out the all the latest Gaming PC and awesome Logitech G prizes at our retail partner PB Tech NZ, and keep your eyes on the GGPC PC Gaming Blog as we’ll announce the lucky MEGA PRIZE PACK winner at the end of April!


Good Gaming – Ryzen CPU Testing Begins!

With the arrival of the new AMD Ryzen CPU things are getting pretty interesting in the highest end space for system builders, graphic designers and gamers. There are three CPU available now, Ryzen 1700, 1700X and 1800X.

Time to jump into the games! With the Ryzen 1800X and GTX 1080 combo being so so powerful we’ve started testing out things with two goals in mind, firstly we want to play in 4K (3840×2160 to be precise) and secondly, we want to be able to hit 144hz framerates at 1080p.

With the Witcher 3 hitting 60FPS at 4K was still a challenge with just a single GTX 1080 to power things, to achieve this we’ve turned down the draw distance a little while leaving the other options on ultra – exact settings used are shown at the end of all videos 🙂

When turned everything up to max except hairworks performance in the Witcher 3 was still very impressive.

We then continued to test at 1920×1080 which allowed us to turn all the settings up in Witcher 3 (even full hairworks) and still enjoy FPS over 60 even when running the streets of the massive Novigrad city! When we switched settings to the lowest Witcher managed around 100FPS, not quite ready for our 144Hz target but pretty close 🙂

Overwatch was a joy to play and we hit 4K 60FPS with EPIC settings, happy with our 4K gamecap location we then moved on to chase our 144FPS target 🙂

We dropped down to 1080p and chased our 144hz monitor target FPS while still being able to keep EPIC settings and 100% render, fun times ahead for a designer by day / gamer by night with performance like this! If you’re interested in comparing we’ve captured gameplay on the lowest settings in the same location.

We thought it would be good to check out some of the slightly older, but still very popular games like Counter Strike and Minecraft – while still chasing our 4K resolution target of course 😛

CS:GO looks pretty good! Performance wise the system is total overkill for a game like this but if it’s what you want to play – go for it!

With Minecraft we installed the latest version then modded in some extremely high end shaders to give the GTX 1080 something to do. The Ryzen inside did very well with a few noticeable dips around water but aside from the that it was a great little run around and Minecraft was looking good 🙂

With H1Z1 we tested by driving quickly through a large town and the Ryzen 1800X  + GTX 1080 combo handled very high settings and 4K well, more testing of large battles is needed but as anyone who’s played this one will know – surviving to the end is tough!

With such great performance and those super sweet RGB CPU Cooler Bundles we can’t wait to build lots of powerful Gaming PC featuring Ryzen, we’ll continue testing things out with the new range so keep your eyes on the GGPC YouTube channel and PC Gaming Blog for the latest!


GGPC’s first retail partner – PB Tech New Zealand

Good Gaming PC New Zealand is happy to announce our first retail partner – PB Technologies 🙂

Thanks to this partnership we now have a shipping agent for pre-built GGPC Gaming PC and also a network of national service centres.

How does it work? Well, a lot has changed really!

There is now a “Buy From” button on each product page with you can purchase a pre-built GGPC Gaming PC that’s ready to run.

You can still access our PC Part Picker for builds to tweak, request gameplay tests via our GGPC YouTube channel and check out the Computers Blog for information on PC games, gaming gear and more.

A massive thanks to everyone for the support in testing out the tools and systems – more fun times ahead!