Good Gaming Monitor – Samsung Odyssey G9 incoming to NZ!

It’s called the 49″ Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor and it’s so good! A glorious sight to behold, offering unmatched in performance with a crisp image and refresh rate that has us pushing our best gaming PC builds to there absolute limits 🙂

Curved ultrawide monitors, in general, are pretty good, they’ve been a much-beloved upgrade to our multi-monitor setups in recent years making our favourite simulation style games (War Thunder, Star Citizen Alpha and Flight Sim 2020 Alpha to quickly name three recent favourites) a lot of fun to play, offering that same massive view but with no bezels getting in the way of the game.

Recently, our goto size for these ultra sim setups has been 34″, which allowed us to run at a very wide resolution of 3440×1440 without breaking the bank. Quick shout out to the awesome 34″ N34QW and N34HQW for making these sort of setups possible for under $1000 while still using the much loved 144Hz Samsung panels within 🙂 There have been some 49″ options available too, but those have been significantly more expensive and somewhat limiting with the resolution at just 3840x1080, which is still nice, but tough to justify when comparing to 34″ option which costs less than half the price. We did try using two 34″ side by side for some quick tests too, but we just can’t bring ourselves to go back to the old the bezel split, even with an Asus bezel free kit, it just doesn’t look as good.

This new option (on its way to NZ right now) offers a very very tempting new feature set, spanning 49″ with a gorgeous new resolution at 5120×1440, while reaching new heights with an incredible 240Hz panel, with HDR1000 and that oh so fancy QLED backlight tech for richer colours. Combine that with the usual G-Sync/FreeSync badges and we’re good to go.

Those who attended the CES 2020 event might recognise it – it’s that same eye-catching monitor with the infinity mirror/ engine like backplate that won a CES innovation award at the event. It’s very tightly curved, we’ve tried to show this with the photo above from the CES event, but it’s probably something you’re really going to have to see in person to experience, that 1000R curve is crazy cool and unique.

It’s going to be expensive to match those specs of course, but the sheer size of this monitor allows it to curve around your vision, and that higher resolution brings us closer to our current GPU limits which is great 🙂

Being one of, if not the best option for those wanting to play games in the ultra-wide format at these resolutions, first stocks are very understandable going to be in limited supply for this one, so be sure to pre-order your 49″ Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor at PB Tech if you want to be amongst the first in New Zealand to own one for yourself!

If the G9 Odyssey is looking like it might be a bit too big for the desk worry not, there is more on the way in a smaller form factor from Samsung, named the 32″ G7 Odyssey and 27″ G7 Odyssey, both of these new options share the same specs (apart from the inches) packing a resolution of 2560×1440, 240Hz with 1ms response, that deep 1000R curve and HDR 600.

Fun time ahead for sure, we’ll update with links as soon as they go live in NZ 🙂


Good Solid State Drive – The Samsung PRO 960 M.2 incoming!

GGPC Samsung 960 SSD

When you’re wanting to make your high end PC even faster it can be pretty tough, you’ve already got that amazing graphics card, a powerful CPU and those ram slots fully loaded.

Samsung PRO 960 SSDThe Samsung 960 M.2 SSD are for those lucky few that can already hit ultra settings in their favourite game and are now looking to reduce loading times (it’s important to note that in-game loading times are unlikely to change). The NVMe interface provides an enhanced bandwidth so your gaming rig can read at staggering speeds – apparently up to 3500 MB/s! The 960 PRO also adopts a new heat spreader for dissipating heat more efficiently during heavy use – it achieves this by integrating a thin copper film which is a great thermal conductor which helps to spread and shed that heat faster, furthermore the new design puts all 4 NAND chips on the one side which also improves thermal characteristics 🙂

These sweet little storage devices are on the way to New Zealand now and we can’t wait to test this out with some quick game loading time tests, keep your eyes on the GGPC Computers Blog for the latest!

UPDATE: The Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD are available in New Zealand now!

Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD 512GB

Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD 1TB

Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD 2TB