Good Gaming – STEEP Open BETA Weekend!

UPDATE: Pre-loading for the STEEP Open BETA is available now (it’s 19GB)

The new snowboarding, skiing, wingsuiting, and paragliding game STEEP enjoyed an early access BETA last weekend and this weekend it’s open to all! Drop onto the peaks of mountains and traverse the alps solo or drop in side-by-side with friends to record and share your most insane tricks 🙂

“The Open Beta will allow players to discover the diversity of Steep’s world by exploring, riding and completing dozens of challenges through three of the seven regions composing Steep’s massive open world inspired from the Alps – the Aravis, the Tyrol and the Needles. Players will also find nine Mountain Stories – narrative-based challenges that will delve deeper into unique moments in the world of Steep – throughout their journey. Completing these challenges and Mountain Stories will also unlock new gear for players to customize their characters.”

While the wingsuit and races took up most of our time in the closed BETA tests last weekend this time around we’ll be hunting for snow parks in free roam mode, you’ll find these all over the game map and they’ve got things like half pipes and other structures for busting out grabs, grinds and also specially designed ramps so we can practice up and nail the biggest jumps 🙂

With the full game set to release on the 2nd of December this is a great time to jump in and check STEEP out for free!