For a limited time, gear up with a new HTC Vive VR and receive a sweet Fallout 4 VR Game BONUS!

Fallout 4 VR is set to release soon on December 3rd in New Zealand, we’ll be jumping in as soon as it does to check things out in this epic virtual reality adventure!

This legendary post-apocalyptic adventure from Bethesda Game Studios and winner of more than 200 ‘Best Of’ awards, including the DICE and BAFTA Game of the Year, finally comes in its entirety to VR. Fallout 4 VR includes the complete core game with all-new combat, crafting, and building systems fully reimagined for virtual reality. The freedom of exploring the wasteland comes alive like never before.

The bonus game offer is valid with all VIVE purchases from 3rd of October onwards until codes run out (expected to last until at least the game launches in Dec)

It’s register to redeem promotion, so once you’ve geared up use the link below to get your Steam Game Activation code.

HTC Vive Fallout 4 VR Redemption Site

It’s important to note that Fallout 4 is an R18 game, so if you’re under 18 years old you won’t be able to get this one (double age checks on both Vive and Steam) – there is a second package with Google Tilt Brush + Everest VR + Richie’s Plank Experience + 1 month free VIVEPort available for those underage 🙂

GGPC – Let’s go to Computex 2017!

GGPC Computex 2017

It’s almost that time again!

As if things weren’t already exciting enough in the Gaming PC scene, what with the Cooler Master CaseMod ANZ underway, new AMD Ryzen with those awesome RGB coolers and the Nvidia GTX 1080Ti having just launched with custom cooler options surfacing – now we’re just a two months away from COMPUTEX 2017 \o/

We had a blast at last years event with all of the biggest names in PC gaming hardware displaying the latest and best in tech, there was a massive force feedback car setup, international modders like Jenki showed off their crazy water cooling skills and the whole place was packed fulled with some of the greatest Custom PC Builds we’ve ever seen. At the time the hottest topics were the HTC Vive, External Graphics Cards for laptops and glorious RGB everything \o/

This year promises even more epic treats within the highest end PC Gaming space, the massive Nangang Exhibition Center Hall will yet again showcase the greatest in gaming laptops, gaming desktops, graphics cards, gaming gear and other advanced hi-performance gaming products.

We simply can’t miss out on all this epic new tech so a bunch of us jumping on a plane and heading to the show.  As always we’ll be posting lot’s of awesome pictures to our GGPC Instagram of all the tech we find in our travels

GGPC Cooler Master You VS the Guy she told you not to worry about

If you’re wanting to head to Taipei and check everything out for yourself, Cooler Master are running a pretty cool competition right now that could be your ticket… literally!

One lucky Cooler Master fan this year is going to have the chance to romp around with Cooler Master in Taipei at COMPUTEX 2017. You’ll have a chance to create and be in their videos, photos and social media. You’ll get to hang out in the awesome CM booth which is an absolute treat if you like cool tech 🙂 All of your hotel accommodations will be taken care of and they’ll even get you into their exclusive after-party. Win this one and you’ll be able to check out one of the top 10 cities in the world for nightlife – Taipei is pretty amazing!

To be in to win this awesome prize you’ll have to show off your media skills and create a video (like the example below) showing off your passion for Cooler Master and building PCs – the theme is “You vs. The Guy She Told You Not to Worry About” -> full details for this competition are available here <-

Good Gaming Laptop – The GTX 1070 P57Xv6!

Recently we have had the pleasure of testing out some amazing new Desktop Graphics Cards on our GGPC YouTube Channel and today we excitedly get to play some games on the next generation of Gaming Laptops to see just how good things are going to be for a gamer on the go 🙂 Spoilers, things are looking really really GOOD.

Armed with the new 17.3″ Gigabyte P57X Gaming Laptop which is packing an excellent i7-6700HQ + GTX 1070 combo (no M!) it’s got the power needed for high end gaming and also exceeds the requirements for a VR ready system!

We’ve started our gameplay tests off with a quick match in DOOM, then moved into a little space piracy in the just released SciFi exploration game No Man’s Sky, we then went for a very quick run around the Ark in Survival Evolved heading onwards to Novagrad to fight some guards in Witcher 3 🙂

Ah DOOM, such a great game and it plays beautifully on the new GTX 1070 Gaming Laptop as you can see for yourself below, when turning all the settings upto max we also turned film grain up by accident 😛 In the YouTube description for this video we have included a second test with film grain set to zero if you’re wanting to check it out, FPS is still 100+ either way but the newer video does look super crispy 🙂

In No Man’s Sky our P57X GTX 1070 Gaming Laptop was able to run everything at max settings while keeping above 110 FPS in space battles and didn’t drop below 60FPS once we hit the planets surface below, though it did come pretty close 😛

Ark: Survival Evolved took a little tweaking but seeing as the game is still in development it can be a rather hard one to run well, regardless we were still able to get pretty darn close to the 60 FPS we were chasing and once we had things configured it didn’t take us long to find a pretty happy looking Dinosaur, we expect our FPS will take a hit as we build structures and tame the beasts and when it does we’ll get right back to tweaking those settings 🙂

The Witcher 3 looks great with all the settings turned up as well battle the town guards in Novigrad some very high end hardware to enjoy, to get such high performance from a gaming laptop in this often challenging game is a really great to see.

To round off the first tests we’ve done a very quick run-through with the new 3DMark Time Spy Benchmark, we ran this benchmark three times in succession to ensure the laptop was nice and warm and on that note the front of the laptop doesn’t actually get hot like others have in past tests, good design from Gigabyte with smart placement of the components towards the back allowing ventilation via the keyboard, nicely done indeed.

The P57Xv6 Gaming Laptop also passes the VR Ready test even when running on battery, you can check out the SteamVR Performance Tests here though strangely it’s not actually detecting the Nvidia graphics card is these, the scores certainly looks like it’s using it however this could be interesting if the game you are wanting to play has some sort of autodetect hardware in place – more tests needed!

Performance aside there are a few more things we like about this laptop, firstly the build quality is outstanding with very little flex, the hinges on the screen are robust (and orange) and if you tip the laptop upside-down you’ll see the impressive dual exhaust cooling system which, when at 100% speed (a setting we highly doubt you’ll use, auto is fine) has a noise output that is about twice that of an intel stock cooler running at full load.  It’s packing most of the features we look for in a modern system like AC Wireless, Bluetooth 4.1, USB Type C, and HDMI 2.0 for 4K 60FPS, sadly no DisplayPort this time around. The laptop has a nice white LED keyboard backlight that can be switched between half strength, full, off and of course auto mode which adjusts to suit the lighting around you.

Battery lasted us 1 hour & 23 mins at full brightness while gaming which was nice, you lose a little of the graphics power when running in this way but the laptop is just so powerful you’ll still be running on very high settings in games like Overwatch, be aware that if you adjust the fans to quiet mode when running on battery a frame limiter will affect your FPS in game so it’s best to leave cooling on AUTO or GAMING modes. Temperature wise on AUTO fan settings you can reach into the 80’s which is just fine – we pushed the thermal limits by doing tests with DOOM and restricted airflow during which we started to notice the graphics throttling itself when it reached around 95 degrees and this caused the temps to drop rapidly even with the restricted airflow, during these high temps we still had no system crashes or instability 🙂

Gigabyte laptop build quality cooling and lighting

Gigabyte Smart Manager software comes pre-installed and with it we were easily able to tweak everything we wanted too, the usual things we look for like fans speed settings could be adjusted here but it also included a nice range of display settings to take some strain off our eyes via a smart colour option.  Using this software you can also overclock the graphics card in the laptop to squeeze out a little bit more performance, though it’s unlikely you’ll be doing that for a while as the laptop is a gaming beast at stock settings 🙂

We’ve had a really good go with this new Gaming Laptop we can happily give it our GGPC Recommends Award – The Gigabyte P57Xv6 is GOOD! 

The latest range of Gigabyte GTX 1070 & GTX 1060 Gaming Laptops are available in New Zealand now and we’ll update our GGPC Computers Blog with more tests as we make our way through the impressive new range – fun times ahead!

Good Gaming Gear – HTC VIVE VR Starter Kits


UPDATE: VIVE have just announced 72 hour dispatch timeframe from order confirmation.

You’ve probably already seen this one pop up on Steam, the HTC VIVE virtual reality system developed in partnership with Valve has indeed released!

Unlike the Oculas, VIVE was designed from the ground up for room-scale VR with a system that includes video, audio and precise motion tracking.   The 2160 x 1200 resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate enables lifelike motion for smooth gameplay and realistic movement.

Accurate interaction with objects with the VR game worlds is made possible via two very unique wireless controllers, each with HD haptic feedback, dual-stage triggers, and multi-function trackpads.   Not all games will require these and you can happily keep playing Elite Dangerous with your HOTAS joysticks 🙂  Room-scale motion tracking is enabled by two base stations that sync wirelessly avoiding the need for additional cords.  These can be mounted on camera tripods as well if you have a nice open space to play in.

It’s not a stand alone unit like the Sulon Q so you’re going to need a Gaming PC that’s packing VR Ready spec’s – you can check out if your current rig is ready with this Steam VR Performance Test.

VIVE have just updated everyone with some more details on the timeframe for shipping, redemption of included games and some queries made around payment – The basics are  Paypal gets deducted right away vs credit card being charged around the time of shipping and it’s a first in first served scenario with this hot piece of tech 🙂  Once ordered you’ll receive an email with the month it’s expected to ship noted in your confirmation. When your purchase has been completed and your order has been shipped, you will receive a separate shipment notification email, which includes a tracking number.  Your bundled content will arrive via an email containing a redemption code within 24 hours of your Vive shipping.

It’s pretty hard to show people what VR is like with a youtube video but those brilliant guys and gals have done great things by recording a group playing in a green screen room – check out the cool video they made for showing off this new tech below and if you’re ready to vive right in – you can purchase the VR Starter Kit via this link!




Sneek Peek – Sulon Q VR Headset

sulon-q-edSulon Q represents the latest in an ever-expanding VR headset market.  The world’s first (and currently only) “wear and play” headset for virtual reality, augmented reality and spatial computing!

What does that mean?  Well, for starters it’s a complete all-in-one, tether-free device so you won’t need to have a PC, Console or Smartphone to use it.

Check out this pretty cool augmented reality jack and the bean stalk story demo and see what it’s like for yourself 🙂

It’s apparently quite simple to use with no wires or complicated tracking systems – it features unique spatial mapping technology, which scans your environment and gestures in real-time so you can interact with objects.

The specs look gorgeous as well – 2,560×1,440 resolution OLED display, 8GB ram and a 256GB SSD along with Microsoft Windows 10 is certainly a nice setup.

Powered by the AMD FX-8800P APU with Sulon’s Spatial Processing Unit it can deliver gaming console-quality graphics for full content immersion and while all that tech packed into the headset could make things a little front heavy – I just want to try it on!  And with Sulon going for a launch date that’s around three months from now we might get to sooner than we think 🙂


The easy way to check if your Gaming PC is VR ready.


As we prepare to step into the future, drawing ever closer to a potentially massive change in the PC gaming space – the arrival of Virtual Reality, brought to life via the Oculus Rift!  For those looking to dive in right away, one question needs to be answered …

“Can my gaming PC can handle the VR experience?”

Lucky for us all, finding out is easy 🙂 If you’re running Windows simply run this very handy OCULUS RIFT PC CHECKING TOOL and you’ll be presented with a list like the one below.


Now that the hard part is out of the way you will either be ready to go or in need of an upgrade –  the tool will have told you what component needs tweaking and we’ve created a system that meets the full requirements to use as an upgrade path if needed, the full build is listed on PCPartPicker for you to check out. UPDATE:  You can use the Intel i5-6400 CPU if you like a cheaper option 🙂

This way depending on which parts you’re needing you can check out our suggestions.  You can even put your build into the PCPartPicker to check if any changes made are compatible with the rest, it’s a great way to make sure you’ve got enough power for the new graphics card for sure!

Good Games – I can play now and play with VR soon

It won’t be long till we strap in and game on so today we’re hunting for a PC game that we can play today but is also – VR Headset savvy!

A quick scour of the interwebs has led us to the game World of Diving (early access)

A visually impressive and rather relaxing underwater adventure.  World of Diving is bursting with missions and scenarios that will give you single or multiplayer experience.  Track and document the peaceful marine wildlife with your trusty camera (YES!  love this, trick shots are the best fun, great twist) deal with malfunctioning and limited gear, survive real world disaster scenarios, hunt for legendary treasure, salvage shipwrecks, or fathom the underwater paradise at your own leisure.

Is is good? Yes, and this GG is ready for that VR Headset you’ve got on the way so grabbing it now means you can also play it later – and I do love an early access adventure 🙂