Windows 10

Good PC – Windows 10 Retail USB Clean Install Guide

For this guide we’re going to be erasing our hard drives, and clean installing our operating system from the Windows 10 Retail Edition USB Kit.

Step #1 – Insert the USB Drive into a port on your PC

Step #2 – Turn the PC on and immediately start tapping DEL to enter the BIOS

Step #3 –¬† in the ‘Boot Menu’ (for high end BIOS you might have to click advanced options first) select the ‘USB’ drive as option Boot Option #1. Press F10 to save and exit BIOS.

Step #4 – Reboot

Step #5 – You’ll PC will now boot into the screen shown below, select the 64-Bit option

Step #6 – For New Zealand, change the keyboard option as shown to ‘United States-International’ and leave the language + time and currency as English (United Kingdom)

Step #7 – Click the big ‘install now’ button that has appeared ūüôā

Step #8 – Select ‘I don’t have a product key’

Step #9¬†– Select ‘Windows 10 Home

Step #10 – Once you accept the terms you’ll reach this screen, select ‘Custom: Install Windows Only’

Step #11 – Click delete on all existing partitions, a warning will pop up for each one reminding you that once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Step #12 – Now you should only be left with a single option, per drive, that’s says ‘Unallocated space’ – click the one you want to install on to highlight it, then click next.

Step #13 – You’ve done it, now you’re installing Windows on a nice clean drive as though it was a brand new PC.

From this point it’s going to be pretty straight forward, it will progress through the menu then ask to reboot.


Remember step #1? When the PC reboots it’s going to boot from the USB if that’s still plugged in, so if you find yourself on step #2 or even #3 simple turn off the PC, remove the USB and turn it back on!

Good Gaming – Halo Wars 2 Blitz BETA

GGPC Halo Wars 2 BETA

For a limited time those fine folks at Microsoft have made the new Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta available to Windows 10 PC users and you can download it now via the Windows Store¬†ūüôā This early access sample gives us a go at a new game mode designed to put players right into the action.

Blitz is a new twist on gameplay that combines card-based strategy with action packed RTS combat. Your card deck is your army in Blitz as you build collections of powerful Halo vehicles and troops and command those units in fast-action battles.

The¬†Halo Wars 2: Blitz Beta is available to try out for yourself until January 30th, you’ll¬†and the full game is set to release February¬†18th in NZ.

We’ve captured a quick round on with our own GTX 1050 Hero Gaming PC so you can check things out, with no bases to produce units in Halo Wars the card system is used to strengthen your armies and the currency drop effectively replaced the traditional resource¬†harvesting we had in games like Star Craft and C&C.