World of Warships

Good Gaming – Nvidia GTX 950 Warframe + World of Warships Bonus

GTX 950 Warframe World of Warships bonus

Warframe and World of Warships lead the free-to-play movement with great graphics and innovative gameplay that continues to fuel players around the world, these multiplayer masterpieces are free for you to check out which is great and support in-game micro-transactions to add a bit of customisation to your Teeno or Battleship 🙂

Thanks to Gigabyte and Nvidia if you’re gearing up with selected GTX 950 Desktop Graphics or GTX 950m Gaming Laptops this new gaming bonus will give you a little in game currency to play with!  What you spend this on is up to you but you’ll have 1000 Platinum for Warframe and 2000 Doubloons to use in World of Warships.

Getting you bonus is super easy, once you’ve grabbed your new hardware simply visit the Gigabyte Redemption Page for desktop graphics or the Gigabyte Gaming Laptop Redemption Page to get your code (you can double check which versions are eligible here as well) , it’s valid on purchases between June 07 & July 26 2016 so if you’ve just picked up your new gaming hardware you can register for this bonus as well. Once you’ve got your code you can redeem your free goodies at the Nvidia Redemption Portal 🙂

These games both play exceptionally well on the GTX 950 as you can see below with our Hero Gaming PC below happily pushing out 100+ FPS in Warframe!