Warframe – Anniversary Bonus Gear


Update: New GTX 950 bonus offer for Warframe, more info in our new blog

Warframe is an action packed, co-op friendly game in which players take on the role of a Tenno – acrobatic Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armour!  Players can team up or go in solo hitting various player-vs-enemy raids across games solar system increasing the powers, weapon skill and abilities of the various Warframes available.  It’s also an excellent game if you’re after something free to play – you can download it here.

In just three years the stats are looking pretty crazy as well – players have succeeded in 1.5 billion Missions, killed over 50 billion Grineer, captured 120 million prisoners and significantly grown to over 12 million Operators!

As a mark of appreciation for the hard work put in by players over the years, the Lotus is awarding each Tenno with a Special Edition Dex Sybaris Rifle, the Dex Furis Twin SMG and Dex Dakra Twin Blades 🙂  To claim these gifts, log in to Warframe any time between now and March 28th, open the Inbox Message to add the Weapons to your Arsenal.

Hardware wise Warframe runs well and looks pretty good even on a lower spec’d system, check out the quick gameplay FPS test on a GTX 950m Gaming Laptop below!

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